Church-dictated Health Care Policy?

During this time of soaring health care costs and federal health care program cuts, mergers between religious and secular facilities threaten to further constrict health care services. The situation is particularly acute when Catholic hospitals merge with public and secular facilities.

Residents Take Over Public Housing Meeting at Atlanta City Hall

The tables are starting to turn, as 200 public housing residents actually took over the Atlanta Housing Authority Fiscal Year 2008 Moving to Work Annual Plan Public Hearing held at Atlanta City Hall to discuss the planned demolitions of all Atlanta public housing.


Got Bovine Growth Hormone?

Cows naturally produce bovine somatotropin (BST) in their pituitary glands, and traces are secreted by the animals when they are milked.


Reflections on Virginia Tech, the Media, Racism (and Al Franken)

As I had my first cup of coffee this morning, I found myself thinking about the mainstream media and, peripherally, Al Franken. This is not something that most people, other than Al Franken, would probably do as a matter of routine. But as a writer I have long understood that inspiration can come from unusual places. And this is apparently one such occasion.

How to Cut Your Energy Bill and Save the Earth

Don't forget the basics. This simple stuff will save energy -- and money -- right now.


John Valverde's Fight For Freedom

Today thousands of parole petitioners are ready to return to society as productive citizens but remain stuck in prison because of the politics of incarceration.

Tell Congress We Need Stronger Federal Gun Regulations

Every day they try to fill us with fear. 'The terrorists are coming over here to get us,' they say. And why WOULDN'T the terrorists want to come to Virginia, for example?


Gun Violence and Domestic Abuse

In the wake of the tragedy that took the lives of 33 people and brought terror to the Virginia Tech campus, President Bush rushed to politicize the event...


IPCC Report: doing nothing is not an option

More canaries are keeling over in the mine shaft. In Germany and the United States, bee populations are declining rapidly.


Polar Bears vs. Global Warming

Most researchers agree that even small changes in temperature are enough to send hundreds if not thousands of already struggling species into extinction unless we can stem the tide of global warming.

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