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WWI and The "Rise" of J. Edgar Hoover by Norman Markowitz

I had the privilege of participating in a panel and presenting a paper yesterday at a conference co-sponsored by the Peace History Society and Georgian Court University, a university in Lakewood New Jersey which has a fascinating history in itself.  The  Conference dealt with "WWI: Dissent, Activism, and Transformation" and...

Piketty for Progressives Part 4 by Thomas Riggins

Piketty for Progressives-- Part 4

September's Marxist IQ Answers by Norman Markowitz

Let me apologize to our readers for failing to post the answers  to September's Marxist IQ in my October post yesterday.  Here they are

A March to Remember by Norman Markowitz

In my last post I wrote about the dangerous political climate developing right now, six weeks before the election.  That hasn't changed.  In fact, the story today of the Obama administration yielding to the military on an increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal, along with the story of a former military man attempting to break into the White House(and an individual recently arrested in Virginia for weapons possession) should worry everyone.

Lenin: State and Revolution: Chapter 5 - Withering Away the State (Part Two) Review by Thomas Riggins

Lenin: State and Revolution: Chapter 5 - Withering Away the State (Part Two) Thomas Riggins Chapter 5 of State and Revolution  has a brief introduction and four sections.

Lenin and Democracy

by Gary Tedman

A Review of: On the Reproduction of Capitalism (1) by Louis Althusser, translated by G. M. Goshgarian

"...history (political, social, intellectual) has completely shattered the unity, even the problematic unity, of the two discourses that Althusser's 'structural Marxism' sought to combine in such a way that each would help sustain the other; it has relegated them to contexts that hardly communicate now."

Piketty for Progressives Part 3 by Thomas Riggins

Piketty for Progressives — Part 3

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