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A Review of: On the Reproduction of Capitalism (1) by Louis Althusser, translated by G. M. Goshgarian

"...history (political, social, intellectual) has completely shattered the unity, even the problematic unity, of the two discourses that Althusser's 'structural Marxism' sought to combine in such a way that each would help sustain the other; it has relegated them to contexts that hardly communicate now."

Piketty for Progressives Part 3 by Thomas Riggins

Piketty for Progressives — Part 3

Lenin on the State and Revolution: The Withering Away of the State, Review (part one) by Thomas Riggins

Lenin: State and Revolution: Chapter 5 - Withering Away the State (Part One)

Art Perlo on Thomas Piketty: A Balnced Marxist Analysis by Norman Markowitz

It is very rare that a scholarly work, particularly one filled with statistical dat, becomes a best seller, but Capital in the 21st Century by French Economist Thomas Piketty has become that in much of the world.  Piketty has been attacked by rightists as a Marxist, which he has steadfastly denied, praised by liberals and progressives for providing an enormous quantity of statistical data to connect capitalism with deepening economic inequality and crisis, and criticized internationally by many Marxists for both stating the obvious and failing to offer any realistic solution ot the present global economic crisis.   Below, I have posted Art Perlo's careful and clear Marxist analysis of Piketty's work.  Art by the way is the son of the late Victor Perlo, leading Marxist economist, CPUSA activist, who worked in the New Deal government and whose writings on the economics of racism and many other subjects continue to have great value for today.

Eleanor Marx: A Life [Book Note] by Thomas Riggins

Eleanor Marx: A Life [Book Note]

A Great Celebrity Athlete Speaks About Ferguson Missouri by Norman Markowitz

It is rare that I repost anything from Time Magazine, but this article by Kareen Abdul-Jabbar, universally and rightly considerd one of the very greatest basketball players of all time, makes points about what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri that belong much more in the pages of Political Affairs and...

In Memory of Vito Marcantonio by Norman Markowitz

Below I have linked a you tube clip  from the Vito Marcantonio Forum, which struggles to educate people everywhere on the life and work of Vito Marcantonio, perhaps the greatest peoples progressive congressman of the 20th century, and that is not hyperbole.

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