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Fateful Steps That Led to the Crisis in Ukraine (Part One) by Thomas Riggins

The crisis that struck Ukraine last year-- the overthrow of the elected president, the Russian annexation of Crimea, the rebellion in the Russian speaking eastern provinces— was the result of problems that had been festering, not only in Ukraine but all along the former frontiers of the USSR since the...

Elizabeth Warren on TTP and Multi-National Corporations "Fast Track" by Norman Markowitz

The more a listen to your courageous statements, the more I am convinced that Senator Elizabeth Warren is by far the best candidate of either gender to be t he next President of the United States, the only one who has a serious chance of doing wihat we all hoped...

An Important Presentation by Professor Barry Lituchy on the Present Crisis in Ukraine by Norman Markowitz

I have known Barry Lituchy for a generation.  We both were involved in the 1990s in the struggle against  those propagandists of the U.S..NAT0 bloc who celebrated Croatian fascists and Bosnian and Albanian chauvinists and criminals as "freedom fighters" while demonizing the predominantly Serbian forces who sought to defend Yugoslavia as "neo Nazis."  NAT0 which had been established to  fight against the Soviet Union and its allies(which Yugoslavia never was) engaged in its first direct major military operation against Yugoslavia and tragically got away with it, achieving the dismemberment of Yugoslavia as a country.

Oops. I meant the Greek Prime Minister by Norman Markowitz

Sorry to have downgraded Tsipras.  Most of the discussions concerning Greece that I have kept up with have been from the finance Minister, Janis Varoufakis, who has also as an intellectual clashed with both the forces of the right nad European Marxist scholars and intellectuals.  Both Varoufakis and Tsipras have...

An Important Speech by the Greek Finance Minister on the Contemporary Crisis by Norman Markowitz

The following is an important speech by the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, on the present conflict between Greece and the German led EU, one which deals with the hypocrisy of the present German government, which conveniently forgets how the NAT0 bloc countries erased the debts that accrued under the...

Prolegomena to Any Future Understanding of the Crisis in the Ukraine by Thomas Riggins

The political and military maneuvers now going in the Ukraine have the potential of escalating out of control.

Elizabeth Warren Defending Workers Rights from the GOP by Norman Markowitz

On international Women's Day it is fitting that we post this article from Senator Elizabeth Warren, in my opinion by far the best potential Democratic candidate for President of the United States, not to mention the first woman who would reach that office, on the question of workers rights.

CPUSA discussion Tomorrow on Lenin and His Significance for International Women's Day by Norman Markowitz

Below by cut and paste I have listed the CPUSA internet discussion for tomorrow on International Women 's Day and its Significance.  If you can, please join in

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