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A Really Patriotic Memorial Day Presentation by Norman Markowitz

There are memorial day ceremonies today through the country and TV, especially Cable TV is filled with war films of WWII, cold war films of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, documentaries, etc.  I thought that these two clips and one full film below would reflect the real spirit of patriotism, love of country and people and democratic principles.  The first is a clip from the classic U.S,  WWII film, Action in the North Atlantic, starring Humphrey Bogart.  The film, written by John Howard Lawson, a founder of the screen writers guild and the most prominent CPUSA activist in Hollywood, told  the story of a cargo ship and its men, union men, members of the then Communist led NMU,  Their first ship is sunk but they back and make through to the their Soviet allies.  This was a different brand of patriotism, a celebrating a democratic working class Amerca.

Another Memorial Day by Norman Markowitz

As we celebrate memorial day,v I thought it would be of value for our readers to remember another memorial day in another war, the class war between labor and capital.  This memorial day, unfortunately was part of the massive counterattack by capital on militant labor, which from 1933 to 1945...

Sin, Socialism, and Sacrilege by Thomas Riggins

Ms. Allen fears that if the Supreme Court finds that gay marriage is a constitutional right  then a “persecution of Christians” will follow.

Ralph Nader on the Media, Freddie, Gray, and Poverty by Norman Markowitz

Although   Ralph Nader's role in making it possible for George W, Bush to steal the presidency in 2000 and his subsequent presidential campaigns have seriously undermined his relationship with peoples movements, including the  respect he richly deserves for his leadership in  establishing a myraid of organizations fighting corporate power, from...

An Addition to the Ukraine Crisis by Norman Markowitz

Let me say that I forgot to mention two important people who  were present at the meeting.


Kissinger and Shultz on "The Iran Deal" by Thomas Riggins

For our edification The Wall Street Journal on 8 April turned over an entire editorial page to former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and George Shultz so that we could understand why President Obama's negotiations with Iran over nuclear issues "will reinforce, not resolve, the world's challenges in the region." Let's take...

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