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Alan Singer and Doonsbury on Texas and the Right "Messing" with U.S History by Norman Markowitz

In fascist dictatorships history is merely rewritten to revitalize various national myths, from Mussolini's proclamations of a New Roman Empire turning the Meditteranean into "Mare Nostrum"(our sea) to Hitler's Third Reich, or empire.

Bernie Sanders on the Solutions to Racism in America by Norman Markowitz

Divide and Conquer.  It is as old as the slave tribute empires of antiquity.  Bernie Sanders, an independent who called himself a socialist for many years, reached the U.S. Senate with the support of Democratic voters, is now running for President.  He  running on the most class conscious, socialist oriented platform and program since Upton Sinclair left the Socialist Party and gained the Democratic nomintation for Governor of California in 1934 on a program called End Poverty in California.  Sinclair lost of course, with the united capitalist class, the entire press, and the movie studios aggressively attacking him.  The regular Democrats even organized a "third party"(which they to add insult to injury called the Progressive Party) to defeat him.  But all of that is not really so important.  What is important is that while Sanders is being attacked on the center  and the right for the usual reasons, some on the left are also attacking his campaign and seeing him as they usually see any left candidate who seeks to make a breakthrough in national politics as a misleader, some sort of phoney no different than the forces he is challenging.  For the left that has long functioned as a security blanket for inaction.

A Poem from Stewart Acuff forwarded by Norman Markowitz

Stewart Acuff as I am sure many know has been a labor and civil rights activist for a very long time, working with people at all levels.  He is also a fine poet The poem below reminded me of Woody Guthrie, but it is more than memory.  It fits today

It is Michael Berkowitz and and and my Introduction was Cut off by Norman Markowitz

A huge apology to both Michael Berkowitz and are readers.  In my always limited Internet skills I tried unsuccessfully to cut and paste Michael's excellent article and then finally, it went through, but with my mispelling of his name and my intro cut off. 

"Leaning Left" Duncan McFarland on Political Trends in China Today Forwarded by Norman Markowitz

Below I present belatedly Duncan McFaland's excellent presentation at the left Forum last June.

The Marxist IQ for August by Norman Markowitz

Unfortunately, I'm  a week late with this month's Marxist IQ, do to a very busy schedule.  Since Marxism is both a guide to analysis and action, this month's IQ will be dedicated to looking at contemporary events in ways different from mass media.

Rocking for the Bernie Sanders Campaign by Norman Markowitz

I am working on an analysis of the Bernie Sanders campaign and what it means for all of us which I hope to complete and put on the Blog in a week or so.  But before I do that, here is the link to a You Tube Rock and Roll...

Harold Meyerson on the "Back to the Future" Southern Economy Today by Norman Markowitz

Below I am reposting an excellent article on the The U.S. economy today and the role of the cheap labor Southern states in driving U.S. wage rates down. 

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