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America’s Hope Against Hope

NEW YORK – After a hard-fought election campaign, costing well in excess of $2 billion, it seems to many observers that not much has changed in American politics: Barack Obama is still President, the Republicans still control the House of Representatives, and the Democrats still have a majority in the Senate.

A Global 1937


Text of President Obama's Cleveland Speech on Jobs and Economy

I want to, first of all, thank Angela for her introduction and sharing her story.  I know her daughter is very proud of her -- I know her daughter is here today.  So give her a big round of applause.  (Applause.)  I want to thank your president, Dr. Jerry-Sue Thornton. ...

The End of "Market Democracy -- more Fraud from Thomas Edsall

The 2012 election will offer voters a stark choice between right and left alternatives.

Some States Raising Taxes on Working-Poor Families

reprinted from Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

For the Supercommittee, No Deal Is Better Than a Bad Deal

As the supercommittee’s November 23 deadline approaches, some commentators contend that failure to reach an agreement would have serious adverse ramifications for financial markets and the economy.  These concerns are largely misplaced, according to a new analysis from economists at Goldman Sachs Research, Q&A on the Super Committee(November 9, 2011).

S&P "Bond Vigilantes" Downgrade US Credit – Is it time to Arrest the Vigilantes?

S&P "Bond Vigilantes" Downgrade US Credit – Is it time to Arrest the Vigilantes?John CaseStandard and Poors is one of the major private investment rating agencies in the world.

GOP's manufactured debt crisis was all about killing jobs

The Republican-manufactured debt crisis and the subsequent compromise "budget control act" will kill jobs, more than 300,000 by some estimates.

Some Historical Background and Suggestions on the "Debt Ceiling" Question

Progressives are rightfully condemning the dirty debt deal and rightfully so.The CPUSA has made its position clear on what was a kind of double “hostage crisis,” that is, the Republican Right enforcing party discipline on the whole Republican party and then having the Democratic leadership and the Obama administration negotiate with them largely on their own terms, to the detriment of all except them.

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