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This info is from The Guardian (UK)-- Syriza won-- the Neo-Nazis came in 3rd place-- the Communists increased their support, they have 15 seats out of 300, but still came in 5th place, and the left Syriza break away party (the not so popular Popular Unity) did not reach the 3% minimum for representation-- so no seats for them in the parliament.

Lenin on the State and Revolution: The Withering Away of the State, Review (part one) by Thomas Riggins

Lenin: State and Revolution: Chapter 5 - Withering Away the State (Part One)

French Voters Dump the UMP, Left Romps in First Round of Legislative Ection

There is good news for France's new Socialist Party President, Francois Hollande.

Greek CP on the Greek Elections

Greece continues to attract the attention of workers of many countries all over the world, in light of the new crucially important parliamentary elections, which will be held on the 17th of June, as none of the three parties, which received the most votes, could form a coalition government.

"Where Have We Been All This Time?"

But where ever have we been all this time? How had we all disappeared? We’ve been missing one another, hoping to get together, to meet.

How the 2010 elections changed the political terrain

Are we ignoring the results and consequences of the 2010 elections? They have put the whole political spectrum way to the right in a way that Obama cannot ignore ; despite all the left pundits' claims to the contrary.

Video: Howard Dean talks about change from the bottom up

This clip is an exchange between MSNBC's Cenk Uygur and former DNC Chair Howard Dean.

The dialectics of political realism

There is a lot of criticism – from all quarters – aimed at the Obama administration on the economy recently.

[Update] Right-wing bringing racism back

In a recent article titled "What Too Few Progressives are Prepared to Discuss," Bill Fletcher convincingly argued that a "white nationalist" right-wing populism lies at the heart of the Republican Party's electoral strategy.

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