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Earth's elections

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New podcast up

On this episode the Communist Party USA offers an initial analysis of the election results in which Democrats suffered a serious setback in Congress, jeopardizing a labor and people's movement agenda.

Time to close ranks behind this President

After last night's election results, it has become pretty clear what gobs of campaign cash from secret corporate donors will do to America's democratic process – thanks to a right-wing Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case.

Nov. 2: March to the polls

NOW Calls for Nationwide MARCH Nov. 2!

Stop the Republican Corporate Coup!

Latest podcast is up.

Video: Importance of Wall Street reforms

Republicans will fight to repeal major reforms that have changed how Wall Street works, increases protections form health insurance companies, and improves the lives of working families.

12 days to go

If the grand alliance that elected Barack Obama comes out in full force to vote we can stop the Tea Party/Republican takeover, continue moving forward and push further for green jobs, union rights, health care and the safety net for the common good.

Millions for Republicans who block reform

In his recent blog post over at OurFuture.org, Zach Carter digs into which Republicans are getting big Wall Street cash to block the President's reform agenda.

"Tea Party" Politics: Something Old or Something New?

Many foreign observers across the political spectrum have long considered the U.S. to be the most media saturated society in the world.

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