Rumsfeld Admits to 'Ghosting' Detainee

U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has admitted that he 'ghosted' a detainee, meaning that he made the decision to hold a prisoner without keeping any records of the fact...  the Director of the CIA told him not to register a prisoner with the Red Cross...he obeyed, and several months later the prisoner was still not registered.

Terrorism: Who Benefits and Why

Before the events of Genoa, because of the fall of the Soviet Union, many of the peoples of the Western world had been led to believe the possibility of a global capitalism free from any hampering opposition. Yet, obviously, for those represented by the demonstrations at Genoa this was just a Hobson’s choice between exploitation either by one giant global capitalist corporation or another.

WTO Declaration: A Bad Deal for Developing Countries

THE WTO Ministerial Conference, which commenced in Hongkong on December 13, 2005, adopted a declaration on December 18, after six days of acrimonious negotiations between the developed and the developing countries.

Hong Kong Declaration: WTO Inequitable For India & Developing Countries

THE declaration adopted at the WTO ministerial conference in Hong Kong makes it clear that the global trading system continues to be weighted in favour of the developed countries. The Doha round of negotiations initiated in 2001 has been used by the rich countries to protect their interests to the detriment of the vast mass of humanity belonging to the developing countries.

The State Department’s Shannon

Committed Latin Americanists relished the unceremonious departure of right-wing ideologue Roger Noriega as assistant secretary of state for Western Hemispheric affairs and welcomed, by default, the promotion of Thomas A. Shannon Jr. to the post in October.

Millennium Development Goals Are Failing

IN the year 2000, the UN General Assembly adopted the Millennium Declaration, in which world leaders committed to achieving a set of eight goals by 2015. Since then, these Millennium Development Goals, or MDGs, have become the latest buzzword at different levels of the international development aid industry, and have spawned substantial employment generation for what are now called 'development practitioners.'

Torture and Empire: An Interview with Lila Rajiva

I think the way the Iraqi detainee torture scandal was covered -- which is the subject of my book -- is a perfect example. There were actually reports on torture right from the start, right after 9-11. But it didn't become a mainstream 'story' until three years later, after the CBS report in late April 2004.

Robert Fisk Tells All

On a U.S. tour, award-winning journalist Robert Fisk spoke about his life work as a veteran journalist reporting about the Middle East. Fisk is the Middle East correspondent for the British newspaper, The Independent.

US CAN And Others CAN’T: The Story of ICANN

THE recently concluded World Information Summit in Tunisia last month was supposed to address the yawning digital divide: both between nations and within nations. Instead, most of the public focus was in who would control the Internet, not only the information highway of today but also a major channel for global commerce.

Venezuela calls for a more “political” Mercos

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez officially signed Friday in Montevideo, Uruguay, the incorporation of his country as a Mercosur “full member” and called for a more “political” block with a greater input of strategic planning.

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