All Nations Part of Climate Change Solution

The US Congress needs to know that every country is part of a global solution for environmental protection in order to engage itself in the Copenhagen summit for a treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol, US Senator John Kerry said at a press conference in Beijing yesterday (May 26th).

Climate Change Information Overload?

Millions, possibly even billions of people will be affected by the impact of climate change, some reports say; gloomy ones tell you it is already happening, more optimistic ones say it will happen by the end of the century.

Human Rights Groups Support Universal Jurisdiction

The social organizations, solidarity groups, development NGOs and human rights associations, as well as persons of the academic and legal sphere, listed below

Who Owns the World's Forests?

The Congo Basin countries, home to the world's second largest tropical forest, are 260 years behind those of the Amazon Basin, where the trend is to hand ownership of the forest to communities, according to a new study assessing tropical forest tenure.

Rogue Economics Undermines World Justice

The fall of the Berlin Wall kick-started the return of rogue economics. This is not a new phenomenon; on the contrary, it is part of our history. It is a force constantly lurking in the background of progress.

Pakistan at a Crossroads

Pakistan stands at a crossroads, where past meets present and national identity meets regional influences. It does not seem to be at a crossroads, as some have described, between a nuclear-armed democratic state vs. a nuclear-armed failed state.

Impact of Global Economic Crisis on Forced Labor

The report also charts the significant international and national progress in reducing and preventing forced labor, but warns of the possible negative impacts of the global economic and jobs crisis on efforts to eliminate it.


Australia: Coal Mining and our Children’s Future

Because of climate change, within the lifetime of children alive today it’s entirely possible that Australia’s wonderful beaches and the lower lying areas of our coastal cities will have disappeared beneath rising sea levels, and the Great Barrier Reef will be a vast, lifeless and eroding ruin.

Obama Expands Global Health Agenda, but not Funding

JOHANNESBURG, 8 May 2009 (PlusNews) – At a time when many Americans are preoccupied with the economic crisis on their doorsteps, President Barack Obama has asked Congress to approve US$63 billion for global health over the next six years.

Cuba and Vietnam Strengthen Commercial Bonds

HAVANA, Cuba, May 9 (acn) Cuba and Vietnam signed in this capital an agreement that allows the Caribbean nation to acquire 5,120,000 polypropylene bags to pack sugar.

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