Fidel Castro Says Cuba Protects its People and Helps Others

I wish other nations could also protect their population as Cuba does,' said Fidel Castro and recalled the solidarity practiceí by the Cuban people with other nations of the world by citing the more than 100,000 blood donations offered by the island to the Peruvian population on the heels of the tragic effects of an earthquake that hit that Latin American nation.

Cubans Fight the Effects of Hurricane Wilma

Cubans continue to strengthen precautionary measures as Wilma causes power interruptions, coastal flooding and marks up an historic rainfall record in western Cuba on its way along the northern coast...Wilma's heavy rains have contributed to a rainfall accumulation that surpasses the annual record in Pinar del Rio with a total of 1,771 millimeters from January up to date. The previous annual rainfall record was 1,445 millimeters.

Special Report:The Guantánamo Prisoner Hunger Strikes & Protests:February 2002 – August 2005

The U.S. Department of Defense continues to maintain strict control over the information released about its treatment of prisoners at Guantánamo. As a result, no public information identifies the precise date of the first hunger strike at the prison.

Venezuela: “Co-management” in the Alcasa aluminium factory

At the beginning of 2005, president Chávez nominated Carlos Lanz a head of the nationalized aluminium company, Alcasa. This nomination was a surprise, since Lanz is a former guerrilla who is now a sociologist clearly identified with the revolutionary left. From his arrival at the head of the company he began a process of “co-management” which has made this company a political symbol and this experience a national test.

PAKISTAN: Tetanus claiming lives daily

Dr Hammad, whose previous experience had been in the western city of Lahore, has rarely seen a case of tetanus before. 'It is terrible; really painful – and it is so frustrating because just one shot could prevent it,' he explained. The government of Pakistan has officially confirmed five deaths due to tetanus.

More European countries report bird flu cases

The Swiss government said Friday that it had banned the keeping of poultry outdoors to avoid domestic fowl contracting bird flu through contact with migratory birds carrying the virus. The order, which is aimed at protecting domestic fowl from birds migrating from the countries and regions affected by the epidemic, follows similar actions taken in Germany, Austria and Serbia, which also banned the sale of live birds

India: US Triggers Arms Race In South Asia

If India gets tempted, or threatened, or blackmailed into accepting the US offers, then Raytheon who is the system integrator of the PAC-3, Lockheed-Martin which makes the Patriot missiles besides the F-16 fighters, Boeing which makes the F/A-18 Hornets and others in the US military-industrial complex who are already rubbing their hands in glee will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Neo-colonialism - a Palestinian nightmare

¯???letion of the Israeli army withdrawal from Gaza Strip, and the eviction of all the settlers from there, its occupation has seemingly ended. And indeed, if by 'occupation' we mean, as the Israeli establishment wants us to understand, a mere direct military presence, then sure enough, Gaza Strip is no longer occupied by Israel. But is that truly the objective situation?

GUINEA: Pivotal municipal elections set for December

Facing pressure from the international community, Guinea has undertaken a program of political reforms ...due to concerns over governance and human rights...In a country where, despite a wealth of natural resources, more than half the population lives on less than a dollar a day and even basic services like water and electricity are in short supply, the government is an obvious target for criticism.

The Miami - El Paso Connection

The White House will use any means to prevent putting Posada at the Venezuelan Court’s disposal. His confessions could unleash a chain of international scandals of unforeseen political consequences, either for the US executive or for its security institutions, closely linked with plots which according to Posada’s own words, “ are still undisclosed in all their dramatic intrigue and unraveling.”

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