Past, Present and Future: The Politics of Reform in the Era of Obama

I don't remember what the world was like before Ronald Reagan. My first political memory is of the day John Hinkley shot him. That was March 30, 1981. I was eight.


Obama, Right Wing Frenzy – and the Left

Some have pointed at past attacks on Democratic presidents to contend that there is every little about the current hysteria that has not been seen before. But there is something different about the frenzied and relentless right wing assault on Barack Obama.


Will Workers See a Recovery?

Members of Congress have begun debating how to use the money leftover from the Wall Street bailout. The speed an urgency with which the US government moved to stabilize the financial markets after the meltdown last summer has proved so apparently successful that hundreds of billions of dollars from that bailout have gone unused.


US Gunboat Diplomacy in Latin America: A Way to Achieve Energy Security?

A new agreement between the United States and Colombia is being discussed, including the use of Colombian military bases by the US (two navy, two army, and three air force), adding 1,400 US military personnel, and a further $5 billion in aid over a period of 10 years.

Egyptian Political Islam: Engagement or Marginalization?

Political Islam is a concept that has existed in Egypt for almost a century. It emerged in 1920 as a reaction Egypt’s occupation by the United Kingdom and the lack of resistance of this occupation on the part of the ruling monarchs of the time.