Political Affairs is an online magazine of the theories, ideas, politics and culture of the socialist and democratic traditions and visions of the United States  – from a working-class point of view. We are partisan to the rise of working people's wealth and culture as  the foundation for the rise of the whole people toward a more just, prosperous, and peaceful nation. 

Over 150 years ago near the dawn of industrial capitalism, Karl Marx, the father of modern socialism, gave the most succinct and essential expression to this ideal in the slogan: "From each according to his ability to each according to their work".

In the labor movement; in the associations of every trade and profession; in the struggles of communities of color and  diverse nationalities against racial injustice and inequality; in the movements of women, youth, seniors, the disabled, and of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender communities for equality and dignity;  in the strivings, achievements and aspirations of the many peoples that comprise  the American people, and in the genius that arises from their wisdom, works, science and art -- we seek enligtenment, truth and the fullest realization of the abilities of humankind. 

We seek the paths to global peace, prosperity and the end of oppressions in the fraternity and cooperation of all who do the work of the world and in the highest aspirations  of all peoples.

Political Affairs is part of the People Before Profits network.

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