Whither Egypt Now?

"Peoples of Egypt, you will be told that I have come to destroy your religion.

The People of Venezuela and the U.S. Celebrate the Retaking of Democracy

The People of Venezuela and the U.S. Celebrate the Retaking of DemocracyOn the nine-year anniversary of the retaking of democracy in Venezuela, U.S. voices send messages of support to the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Revolution.On April 13, 2002, the pressure and protests of the majority of the Venezuelan people returned President Hugo Chávez to office, bringing to an end a 48-hour coup launched by sectors of the Venezuelan political opposition, including its allies in the private media and in the international community.The coup, which began on April 11 and was supported by the administration of President George W. Bush, left 19 people dead and shattered Venezuela’s democratic institutions.

Former US President Clinton Recognizes Cuban Cooperation in Haiti

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 6 (acn) Former US president William Clinton, UN special envoy to Haiti, admitted on Wednesday the importance of the Cuban cooperation in that country, which was devastated by an earthquake in 2010 and by the cholera epidemics.

Germany: A Tale of Two Parties

For weeks the German media have been full of gossip and speculation about a political party now rapidly losing relevance and importance, the Free Democratic Party, or FDP, also called the “Liberals.” This illustrates how heavily downhill slides can hit – if not the bottom then at least the headlines!Guido Westerwelle has become known to the world as a colorless foreign minister.