Can capitalism last?

Capitalism is a system that inherently concentrates wealth and power in the hands of a few, while the vast majority struggles just to get by. How can the working-class majority change that system in order to win real democracy? The following discussion should help your group develop answers to that question and think of ways to make some change.

Listen to the following podcast. Below are suggested discussion questions.

Discussion: Can Capitalism Last
Interview with author Daniel Rubin

(read the interview with Daniel Rubin here)

Possible small group discussion questions:

1. What distinctions does the speaker make about democracy under capitalism and democracy under socialism? What similar examples can you think of from your local area?

2. What does the speaker mean by "financialization" in the past few decades?

3. The speaker describes "phases" in the theory of economic crisis under capitalism. What are these and what do they say about the economic crisis today?

4. What are some major benefits socialism should be able to provide for the working class?

5. What are some ways your local group can work with others to build an understanding and a common response to how these changes have impacted your community?

Further reading: Can Capitalism Last, by Daniel Rubin (International Publishers)


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  • I was just thinking..
    To tell the truth, there's no democracy at all!
    Name me one country where people rule the authorities, where the power isn't corrupted, where politics are educated managers not millionaires or businessmen!
    From the ancient times everyone wanted to have more valuable things than the neighbor has. It's natural. We are not ready for new world order.

    Posted by William Miller, 06/25/2013 4:45am (4 years ago)

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