Discussion: U.S. History with an African American Focus

The following series of podcasts include interviews with several important historians of African American history. The small group discussions are designed to help develop a deeper understanding of our common history, the development of race and racism in the U.S., and how everyday people worked to build democracy and change.

U.S. History (with African American focus):
Listen to or read one or more of the interviews here.

Suggested discussion questions:

1. What are the special historical reasons for setting aside time to study African American history? Why is it especially relevant for a working-class movement?

2. Historian Blair L.M. Kelley discusses the special role of African American women in the anti-segregation movement in the South at the 20th century. What role did they play? What role did class distinctions play?

3. Historian Gerald Horne emphasizes the international context of African American history. Why is this significant?

4. Historian Luther Adams describes the historical development of racial segregation and its impact on communities. Why is this source of division and inequality still with us today?

5. Historian Jamie Wilson explains African American cultural responses to the health care inequities in New York City in the early 20th century. why was this important for community building at that time?

Further reading: The Fight Against Racism, by Jarvis Tyner

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