July 2010

GOP Hypocrisy on Immigration

Original source: America's Voice Online GOP Hypocrisy on Immigration: Talking Tough While Stonewalling Attempts to Fix the Problem While Tom Tancredo Wing of GOP Vows to Impeach Obama Over Immigration, Gov. Christie Shows Another Way Forward Washington, DC - As anti-immigrant ringleaders whip themselves into a frenzy over illegal immigration, and continue a strategy that is both bad for the Republican Party and bad for the country, some reasonable Republicans suggest another way.

"This Law is Very Unjust"

Original source: New America Media Teresa Mina was a San Francisco janitor, member of Service Employees Union Local 87, when she was fired because the company said she didn't have legal immigration documents.

‘A Country for All’: Why Criminalizing Immigrants is the Wrong Answer

Editor's note: The following is provided by America's Voice.

Another Immigration Policy is Possible

Original source: Truthout Report Thousands of leftwing activists just spent a week at the US Social Forum in Detroit, gathered again under the banner "Another World is Possible!" Among them hundreds added a new subtext: "Another Immigration Policy is Possible!" This theme was especially popular among grassroots organizations in immigrant communities.