Election 2012: Alternative History and its Real-World Lessons

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow morning in Bizarro World and John McCain was president. Scary, right?

Podcast: The Road to the 2012 Elections (Part 1)

The 2012 elections may be 18 months away but it time now to organize for a people's victory. Labor has declared its independent role in the fight to defeat Republicans at the polls in November 2012.

Podcast: The Road to the 2012 Elections (Part 2)

This episode is the second part of an extended interview in which we discuss the road to the 2012 elections with Communist Party political action commission chair Joelle Fishman.

Reconsidering Democratic Centralism

As Shakespeare said “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”


Growing the Communist Party: Looking at Organizing Methods in a Historical Context

Millions of Americans, especially young ones, prefer socialism to capitalism.


On Imagining Socialism and Confronting the Unknowns

How that market should be structured to enhance equity and balance, to take a “more socialist,” more working class empowered direction – its an unknown.


You Might Be a Marxist If ... You Believe Fascism is Inherent in Capitalism

Capitalists always deny the plain truth that their system is propped up by fraud, violence, and terror.