A Real Solution: Replace SB 1070 with Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Xenophobia and racism are palpably dangerous in the current climate, and right-wing leaders of the Republican Party and Tea Party use these influences to promote and cover for their discredited policies.


The Fight Against Racism: New Challenges, Features, and Possibilities

This convention of the Communist Party gives us the basic framework to help move the struggle for democracy and socialism forward in this complex period.


Class and Race in the US Labor Movement: The Case of the Packinghouse Workers

Historic connections between organized labor and African Americans have been problematic.

Reflections on the 29th Convention of the CPUSA

The US Communist Party held its 29th Convention this past weekend in New York city on the 90th anniversary of its founding.


Obama, the Tea Party, and History: Part II

From April showers to May grey: April came to a Tea Party climax on tax day, and in May, it drizzled and all but fizzled out.


Defeating the Ultra-Right: Know Your Enemy

The ideologies of the right may seem non-sensical to those who do not count themselves among the conservative camp, but their ideological systems are actually quite coherent.


Don’t Burn the Books: Ban the Courses that Use Them

The state of Arizona recently passed an "immigration law," which pandered to peoples worst chauvinist sentiments, a law in clear violation of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which establishes both national citizenship and federal supremacy over the states on such questions.