Sones del Zócalo

Mexico City sones terremoto bluesA Mexican Johnny Depp look-a-likeis condemned to play Edward Scissorhands on a street-cornerAnother Mexican, with the square jaw of Michael Keatonin full Batman regaliaposes for photographs with tourists and other passerby's

London and Orwell

london and orwell london and orwellrevolution on the riseand beating retreatlondon and orwellintellectuals engagedand then in despairlondon and orwellfanon's question of our tasksfulfill or betray?berkeley ca     3-8-2012

Poem of the Week - Trayvon


prologue to an updated i have a dream speech

i have heard stories of another time places and circumstances i am told ofhundreds, even thousandsof blocked evictions and blocked auctionsof times when the first cry upon seeing thesheriff in the neighborhood or territory...."where are the reds?", those unemployedorganized and led by communists, many of them veterans of that first great war the latest to date and not the last to comeof veterans without food, clothing, sheltermany others with black skin and seeingwhite folks for the first time joining the clubtraditionally thought to be the territoryof "the colored"  and rather than sayingin bitterness and sarcasm "welcome to theclub" simply joined in with the veteransoften led the veterans  often were the redsto restore the furniture back into the apartment or farmhouse or ozzie-and-harriet and cleaverfamily homes  and of auctioneers being offereda quarter "two bits" by one of the many farmerssurrounding him and the deputies.

Blacks Chicken feet’s vs. Whites Roasted Lambs!

Staying in apartheid Bantu rotten slums like pigs;Squeezed into deadly minibuses to work like chickens;Sniffing dustbins for a decent meal like scavengers;Cheaply exploited in factories like slaves;


Reprinted with permission from Pemmican Press.

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