Hugo Chávez at Copenhagen

I promise that I will not talk more than most have spoken this afternoon. Allow me an initial comment which I would have liked to make as part of the previous point expressed by the delegations of Brazil, China, India, and Bolivia. We were there asking to speak but it was not possible.

A Scandal About Afghanistan Shakes Berlin

Like the peaks of the Hindu Kush dominating much of Afghanistan, the war in that unhappy country increasingly overshadows the political scenery in Germany. Parallels with the situation in the USA are unmistakable.

The Hypocrisy of Al-Demoqratia

In 2004, France banned headscarves and school principals chased after young 'defiant' Muslim girls who continued to cover their heads in school. Now, following a national referendum, Switzerland has banned the construction of minarets, because minarets also somehow symbolize oppression.