Repression and Resistance: The Communist Party From 1949-1959

The greatest political show trial in US history began in late 1949. The previous year, the Truman administration had indicted 12 members of the Communist Party's political bureau for “conspiracy” when they helped reconstitute the Communist Party in 1945, a public event mentioned widely in the national press at the time.

Howard Fast: Two Memoirs, One Life

Being Red (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1990), Howard Fast’s account of his association with the Communist Party USA, is a valuable addition to the growing list of memoirs and historical studies about the CPUSA.


In Transition: Building the Movement Now and For the Future, an Interview with Sam Webb

What is new about the present economic crisis actually has several different sides to it. First is, what brought it about. And in this regard the financial sector and financialization played a major role in bringing the country to economic ruin.