Supreme Court: Precedent for Blocking Roberts’ Confirmation

As more information about Supreme Court nominee John Roberts’ record is made available, it is increasingly clear that the Senate judiciary committee would be well within its rights to block confirmation. The White House packaged Roberts as a non-controversial, non-ideological nominee and announced its expectation of confirmation quickly, as early as next month.

John Roberts: A Republican Great Gatsby?

The Bush administration has nominated a smooth corporate lawyer with all the right university, law school and gentleman’s club connections to replace Sandra Day O’Connor at the Supreme Court. Questions will be asked of course, particularly on Roe v. Wade, but the federal judiciary’s collaboration with right-wing Republican administrations in the undermining of workers’ rights and civil rights and civil liberties should be seriously addressed.

Bush Stonewalls, Demands Rubber Stamp on Roberts Nomination

After revelations that Judge John Roberts misrepresented his membership and role in the extremely conservative, judicially activist Federalist Society, the White House continues to withhold key documents related to his ideological views on overturning key legal principles considered settled by most Americans.


How Progressive Young People Can Have an Impact In These Times

A majority of Americans favor single-payer health coverage, a shift to renewable energy, the protection of natural resources, investment in education, and protection of civil rights. And very nearly a majority of Americans – a strong majority of Democrats – favor impeachment of the President if he lied about the reasons for war.

Judge John Roberts’ Struggle with the Truth

Why would Judge John G. Roberts lie about being a member of the Federalist Society (FS)? Along with several major news organizations, Political Affairs reported that Judge Roberts was a member of the arch-conservative lawyers’ and judges’ association. Roberts demanded that these major news organizations retract their stories saying he had no memory of being a member of the FS.

How to Lobby Congress With a Hammer

Over 100 people, few if any of them employed by the corporate media, filled a press conference room in the US Capitol on Monday to hear artists, advocates, and experts speak against the current energy bill and against a proposal to dump the nation's nuclear waste on the land of a native American tribe in Utah.

Think This Isn't A Police State? Think Again

Despite all of our nation's high-minded ideals about free speech, our government considers dissent an unnecessary and dangerous evil. Recent developments amply demonstrate that when it comes to our government's distaste for freedom of expression, history most definitely repeats.

Supreme Court Nomination: What is Roberts Hiding?

“No person is entitled to a seat on the Supreme Court,” said Damien Goodmon, a spokesman for . “Its John Roberts’ burden to convince the Senate and the American people that his long tenure on the bench would be used to continue protecting the hard earned rights guaranteed in the constitution, not turning back the clock to a dark time without personal liberties and workplace protections. The country deserves no less.”

Fire Rove: Will Bush Keep His Word?

Faced with a question about whether or not he will keep his promise to fire those involved in leaking the identity of an undercover CIA agent while we are at war, President Bush backed away from his initial pledge and lowered the ethics bar.

Supreme Court Nomination Opposition : Stop John Roberts Campaign Launched

Just one day after the President’s announcement of his nomination of Judge John Roberts to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court, grassroots activists opposed to Roberts’ confirmation launched the Stop John Roberts campaign.

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