The Budget, the Economy, and the Republican Agenda

It should be clear once and for all that trickle down economics and tax cuts for the rich just don’t make sense as sound economic policy. In Bush’s view, economic stimulus meant handing hundreds of billions of dollars to the very wealthiest minority of Americans, while cutting back, privatizing, or eliminating public services that aid the vast majority

Time to Legally Protect Card-Check

The freedom to join a union is a basic right guaranteed under the law. But as two new reports show, the main process whereby workers can choose union representation — NLRB-certified elections — stacks the odds unfairly in favor of employers waging aggressive anti-union campaigns.


Temp Workers Are New Frontiers in Labor Flexibility

Economic recovery means many things. One thing can be more hiring opportunities for temporary employees in the U.S. In the current phase of the business cycle, American employers are increasing their hiring of temporary workers, slowly. The demand for such employment had dropped in the recession of 2001 that followed the stock market slide.

Downing Street Memo Anniversary – 150 Events Planned

To highlight several leaked British government documents that indicate the Bush administration was 'fixing' intelligence to support the drive to war with Iraq, activists around the country are planning over 150 events on July 23, 2005.

Manmohan Singh and Colonialism

WHY should one concern oneself with what prime minister Manmohan Singh had to say at Oxford on the occasion of his receiving an honorary D Litt? Not just because he is the prime minister. True, what the prime minister of India has to say even on such a quasi-academic occasion is not without significance.

Colombian nightmares

The main Colombian magazine, Semana boasts that the Colombian president – President Uribe – is 'an expert in negotiation,' who 'studied the peaceful resolution of conflicts at Harvard,' and is 'an excellent administrator,' who ‘reduced the number of State employees in the Antioquian region from 14,000 to 5,700 people.


Baseball, the Olympics and Cuba

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has dropped baseball, which Americans, myself included, have considered our 'past-time' since the early 20th century, for the 2012 Olympics and beyond. Americans should be angry at this and their leaders should be protesting.

How Comcast Censors Political Content:Or Why My Comcast Horror Story Is Better Than Yours

Most Comcast internet customers seem to have horror stories, but in my humble opinion this one is a doozie and may even suggest threats to freedom of speech more significant than the jailing of a court stenographer.

The IMF and the Washington Consensus

The roots of the recent political upheaval in Bolivia, where months of crippling protests and roadblocks prompted the ousting of President Carlos Mesa on June 6, were in large part economic. For the protestors, mostly indigenous Andean miners, peasants and workers, their struggle was as much about regaining control over their previously privatized oil and gas industries as it was securing fair government representation.

López Obrador’s Presidential Bid at a Time of Doubt for Mexican Politics

Popular Mexico City Mayor Andrés Manuel López Obrador still maintains a sizable but diminished lead in the polls for next year’s presidential election. Fox’s failed attempt to impeach López Obrador only served to increase the mayor's popularity. López Obrador received acclaim by pursuing a populist agenda as mayor – establishing social programs that benefited Mexico City’s disadvantaged.

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