The People vs. the Insurance Monopoly: Fixing the Health System in 2009

Health reform activists descended on Washington by the thousands June 25th as Congress continued to craft health reform legislation. On one side of the struggle stand President Obama, labor and health advocates and the vast majority of the American people, pushing hard for meaningful reforms that include a public option...

Health Reform Key to Economic Revival

The idea that the US can't afford comprehensive health care reform during a recession, as pushed by some opponents of President Obama's call for reform this year, is flat out wrong, said a statement signed by more than 330 economists and released this week by the Institute for America's Future.

Super-majority Supports Obama's Health Reform Plan

Sixty-two percent of Americans support President Obama's plan for healthcare reform, according to a new ad from Americans United for Change.

Healthcare Reform and the Legislative Process, Some Details

Congress is approaching the end of its first month in this cycle of grappling with the nation’s failed health care system. There is huge opportunity for us to win a significant improvement to our system and a major political victory against the far right...


In Obama Era: Can We Think Big and Make the Changes We Really Need?

I've had a few of my progressive friends say to me, 'You know Keith, I'm not that happy about the president not really going after those quirks in the Bush administration, I'm not that pleased that we haven't heard as much as we want to hear about a public option. What about 100 percent auction for cap and trade? What about these issues that we care about?'

The Fight for National Health Care Reform: Club Educational/Group Discussion Guide

Your club/group should invite guests to participate with you in a discussion of the fight for national health care reform. The podcast (audio version) and reading links provided below should be distributed well in advance of the meeting.

Health Care Reform is an Economic Necessity

Washington, DC – Health care reform is more than a social imperative – it is an economic necessity. A new study by the President's Council of Economic Advisers demonstrates that the current American health care system is on an unsustainable path.


Public Healthcare Option, Yes We Can, an Interview

Another form of public option would be a Medicare-like option that would be in the mix along with the private plans in this kind of exchange. There are many formulations of what this could look like. So what would happen?