Three Questions for Socialists

What is the objective of the economic reforms advocated by the Obama administration? What measure of progress has there been, or can be expected, from the proposed reforms for the security and advancement of working peoples economic interests?

Light at the End of the Unemployment Line? (June 25th)

Some good news, if it could be called that, came out in the business media this week. First, the Commerce Department revised downward its estimate of the GDP growth for the first quarter of this year from negative 5.7 percent to negative 5.5 percent. The economy didn't collapse as badly as first thought.

Is the Global Recession Over?

Finance ministers of the G8, meeting at Lecce in Italy during the latter part of week ending June 14, were cautiously optimistic. The final communiqué noted that in the aftermath of efforts at financial stabilization and fiscal stimulation “there are signs of stabilization in our economies...

Criminals Because We Worked

The production lines at Overhill Farms move very quickly. Every day for eighteen years Bohemia Agustiano stood in front of the 'banda' for eight or nine hours, putting pieces of frozen chicken, rice and vegetables onto plates as they passed in a blur before her.

Light at the End of the Unemployment Line? (June 18th)

Accurately sensing a growing anxiety among Americans that an economic turnaround hasn't been swift enough, the Obama administration last week made a strong push to announce the speed up of economic stimulus projects.

Health Reform Key to Economic Revival

The idea that the US can't afford comprehensive health care reform during a recession, as pushed by some opponents of President Obama's call for reform this year, is flat out wrong, said a statement signed by more than 330 economists and released this week by the Institute for America's Future.

BRIC Nations Vow to Revive World Economy

The BRIC summit held on Tuesday, June 16, in Yekaterinburg has discussed a wide range of issues from the current financial crisis to some long-term issues such as food, energy security and public health.

300-plus Economists Connect Health Reform to Growth

We, the undersigned economists, business leaders, and health care experts, urge the new President and Congress to reform America's health care system—to move boldly to cover all Americans with health insurance, to bring down health care costs and create improved quality and value within the health care system.

Cuba and the Economic Crisis

Many place its origin in the bursting of the real estate bubble in the United States; others, in excessive consumerism. Whatever its origin, just like global warming, the economic crisis has expanded worldwide and no one has been able to escape.


New Jobless Stats: Still 'Less Terrible'? Not for Some

Evidence mounts that while the Obama administration's economic stimulus package may have help to slow the pace of jobs loss, its goal of saving or creating three and a half million jobs is not in sight. The severity of the new jobless number was not lost on the White House.

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