The Cyclical Crisis of Capitalism: Who is to Pay for the “Recovery”?

There is little agreement amongst politicians, economists, business leaders and media commentators on the likely speed of economic recovery.


Momentum for Sotomayor Confirmation Builds

After the announcement of President Obama's nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to replace Justice David Souter on the US Supreme Court, a broad array of organizations and advocacy groups expressed strong support for the decision.

Somali Piracy: Predictable Result of Global Exploitation

If someone had said two years ago that piracy would soon be a serious international issue, most people would have disregarded the claim as the delusional result of watching too many Johnny Depp movies.

It’s Time to Break With 'Capitalism Without Rules'

The mass media abroad are watching Japan because they think that such things as karoshi (death from overwork), unpaid overtime and the growth of the working poor are unimaginable in Europe.

Communist Party USA Statement on North Korean Nuclear Test

The Communist Party USA is shocked and appalled at North Korea's recent nuclear test, as well as its subsequent test firing of at least two missiles. We see these acts as incredibly provocative and irresponsible.

Free Trade With Panama: Some Winners And Some Losers

Last Thursday the Senate Finance Committee convened in order to address a number of controversial issues that have sprung up regarding the pending U.S. free trade agreement (FTA) with Panama.

Editorial: Overcoming Hate After Prop. 8

Democracy in America suffered a major setback Tuesday, May 26th. The California State Supreme Court ruled that some people because they are gay or lesbians or bisexual or transgender do not have to be treated the same or deserve equal status as others.

North Korea: No way to act

North Korea's recent nuclear test, as well as its subsequent test firing of two missiles, represents a grave threat to peace and stability in the region, the fight to eliminate nuclear weapons from the world and, more generally, the fight for peace and social progress.

Who Owns the World's Forests?

The Congo Basin countries, home to the world's second largest tropical forest, are 260 years behind those of the Amazon Basin, where the trend is to hand ownership of the forest to communities, according to a new study assessing tropical forest tenure.


Cartoon: Global Economic Crisis, What Next?

With climbing unemployment and poverty and little relief in sight, workers need a fundamental change.

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