Rogue Economics Undermines World Justice

The fall of the Berlin Wall kick-started the return of rogue economics. This is not a new phenomenon; on the contrary, it is part of our history. It is a force constantly lurking in the background of progress.

Broad Unity Behind Climate Change Bill

The House Energy Committee this week began its mark-up of the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which would encourage investment in the renewable energy sector and penalize the biggest polluters in a landmark effort to reverse the effects of global warming.

Agent Orange Tribunal Backs Vietnamese Victims

The US government is guilty of crimes against humanity for using Agent Orange in Vietnam according to a ruling by the International People’s Tribunal of Conscience announced in Paris on May 18.


Casa de las Américas Mourns the Death of Mario Benedetti

With the following note, Havana's Casa de las Américas cultural institution joins the organizations, friends and intellectuals from around the world in mourning the death of Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti on Sunday.

Agent Orange: US Guilty Says Hearing

PARIS – The International People’s Tribunal of Conscience in Paris made its final judgment yesterday, concluding that the use of dioxin by the US military in Vietnam from 1961 to 1971 was a war crime against humanity.

Urge a New Course in Afghanistan

What's the first step for us to stop the war in Afghanistan? Shift American public opinion! After all, we did change public opinion on Iraq – through countless street protests, petitions, op-eds, blog posts, bumper stickers, and more.


Brazil's President in China for Talks Cementing Partnership

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva spent his second day in Beijing in meetings with Chinese leaders Tuesday, which analysts said will cement bilateral partnership.

Polls Show Economic Optimism and Strong Support for Venezuelan President

Mérida, May 15th 2009 ( -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's approval rating remains above 60 percent, according to recent polls by Datanalisis, which is considered to be sympathetic to the opposition and private business interests.

Canada: Unemployment Clock Hits the Road

The new 'National Unemployment Clock' made its first stop outside the Annual General Meeting of Telus Corp., at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa on May 7. With stops across the country, the clock will reach its permanent home in Vancouver on June 8.

US Defense Budget: Change And Continuity Under Obama

This budget deserves to be carefully studied, if not for any definite direction it may set for US defense policy since it is only a few months since President Obama took office, then at least for the signals it sends as to how the US under Obama is likely to approach US military posture.

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