Vietnam Vulnerable to Climate Change

Research carried out by Oxfam has revealed that Vietnam is among the world’s most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change despite being one of the nations least responsible for greenhouse gas emissions.

Signature Campaign on Abolishing Nukes Gathers Steam

The new international signature campaign launched in August at the World Conference against A & H Bombs, 'Toward the 2010 NPT Review Conference – Appeal for a Nuclear-Free World,' is gaining support.

Vietnam Creates Measures to Tackle Financial Turmoil

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung emphasized the dire need to boost exports and narrow the trade deficit to halt a slowdown of the national economy, which is being increasingly affected by the global financial crisis and the world-wide economic recession trend.

Murdoch’s Failed Vision

This year, media mogul and former Australian citizen Rupert Murdoch has begun a series called The Golden Age of Freedom which, while they expose some the corporate agenda for the near future, have so far sounded more like a last hurrah for the champions of capitalist globalization.

Japan: Putting Forces in Afghanistan is Unconstitutional

Sending GSDF helicopters to war zones in Afghanistan means directly supporting the war, which is in violation of the Japanese Constitution. Such an act will give a helping hand to causing civilian casualties.

Japan: Why Pay Costs of Relocating US Marines?

Japan's Defense Ministry budget request for the next fiscal year starting on April 1, 2009 includes an expenditure for the relocation of 8,000 US Marines to the US territory of Guam in the South Pacific from Okinawa.

Barack Obama: The Challenges Ahead

Barack Obama unquestionably won the presidential elections in the United States. However, beyond his successful, well-organized and coherent electoral campaign, his overwhelming victory still leaves space for different interpretations.

Japan: Despite $17 Billion in Profits, Toyota Fires Thousands

Amid the deepening global financial crisis that has triggered an economic downturn, the socially disadvantaged are suffering most. At the world's leading automaker, Toyota Motor Corporation is firing a large number of fixed-term employees.