Reflexiones sobre la muerte (imprevista) de una ideología

La crisis financiera en Wall Street ha provocado una grave crisis ideológica. El capitalismo mismo está bajo escrutinio.

Why a Philosophy of the Natural Sciences is Needed

My answer to the question “Why is a philosophy of the natural sciences needed?” will take the form of several distinct components. Before enumerating them, I should point out that no separate Marxist philosophy of the natural sciences exists distinct from dialectical and historical materialism.

The Struggle for Women’s Equality in the U.S. Today

I believe there is no better way to view and assess the struggle for women’s equality in the US today than through the prism of the presidential election campaign.


Another Crisis of Capitalism

Unfolding globally today is another capitalist 'crisis of overproduction' and a corresponding crisis of unmet human needs, even for food and water. Earlier crises (1907, 1929) led to terrible suffering, political breakdowns and war, but also opened the path for the Russian, Chinese (1917, 1949) and other socialist revolutions.


The Crash of 2008 and Historical Materialism

Understanding the impact of technological revolutions on major financial booms and busts, including the ongoing crash of 2008, from the standpoint of historical materialism allows us to understand the causes of economic crisis as well as what can be done to change the system we live in and reduce the turmoil.


Reflections on the (Unplanned) Death of an Ideology

The financial meltdown on Wall Street has provoked a severe ideological crisis. Capitalism itself is under scrutiny. In the corporate media, one can now find regular discussions of Marxism, capitalism and socialism – not always positively presented to be sure, but at times the discussion has been thoughtful.


Financial Collapse, Systemic Crisis? Illusory Answers and Necessary Answers

The violent explosion of this crisis did not surprise us; I mentioned it a few months ago while the conventional economists were ignoring its coming development and consequences, especially in Europe.

Why Nationalization isn't Socialism

Like the nationalization of Northern Rock in Britain, US President George W Bush's plan to bail out Wall Street finance corporations to the tune of $700 billion has spread ideological confusion far and wide.