Capitalism’s Failures and the Struggle Forward

In this terrible time of global economic crisis it is most timely that we seek ways to expand and broaden our slogan 'workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite.' While our slogan has been around for many generations, today it has more meaning than ever.

Would Asia Lead a Global Recovery?

As the world looks to full stabilization and a rebound from the crisis due to the efforts of governments, it is clear that it is finance rather than the real economy that has benefited more from those initiatives. In fact, the turnaround in the financial sector, which was responsible for the crisis in the first instance, has been faster and more noticeable than that in the real economy.

National Leaders Call for Urgent Action on Jobs

The U.S. unemployment rate exceeded 10% in October for the first time in a quarter century. Nearly 16 million Americans who are able and willing to work cannot find a job. More than one out of every three unemployed workers has been out of a job for six months or more.

Think First About the Unemployed, Not the Politicians ... and Act

There are two mantras trotted out frequently when the subject of unemployment comes up that President Obama would best not repeat. The first is that, yea, things are getting worse but not as fast as they were. The second – one that he seems taken with – is that joblessness is expected to be a 'lagging indicator,' that is, the 'recovery' will, by its nature, come quicker than improvement in the jobs picture.


Rebuilding the Labor Movement in the 21st Century, an Interview with Scott Marshall

It was an amazing continuation of where the AFL-CIO and the labor movement have been going in general. I think there was a fantastic amount of attention paid to questions of diversity, questions of opening up the ranks, and in particular real concern about how to bring young workers into the labor movement.


Recovery Act Created or Saved Over 1 Million Jobs

While official data compiled and released by the independent recovery act oversight board this week showed that direct recipients of federal dollars under the act reported creating at least 640,000 full-time jobs, Jared Bernstein, a top economic advisor to Vice President Biden, stated that the report only told part of the story.