Capitalism’s Failures and the Struggle Forward

In this terrible time of global economic crisis it is most timely that we seek ways to expand and broaden our slogan 'workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite.' While our slogan has been around for many generations, today it has more meaning than ever.

Would Asia Lead a Global Recovery?

As the world looks to full stabilization and a rebound from the crisis due to the efforts of governments, it is clear that it is finance rather than the real economy that has benefited more from those initiatives. In fact, the turnaround in the financial sector, which was responsible for the crisis in the first instance, has been faster and more noticeable than that in the real economy.

A Pack of Lies

The bourgeois German media are using their best endeavors to declare the so-called fall of the Berlin wall the greatest occurrence in history. And the media in many other countries are parroting the nonsense invented in German kitchens.


The Fall of the Wall

I hate to sound like the grouchy Grinch. Radio and TV here in Berlin are celebrating the Fall of the Wall twenty years ago so intensively that there’s hardly a moment for the weather report, which, unfortunately for all the planned events, turned out nasty and rainy.


Reflections on Michael Moore’s

The thrift in me allowed me to wait until Michael Moore’s “Capitalism – A Love Story” came out on second run theaters – it was well worth the wait. The powerful effect that Moore has on his audience derives from the personal stories he relates combined with a sense of humour that highlights the bizarre nature of our capitalist society.


Ponzi Capitalism and the Deepening Moral Crisis

Today we are faced with a major economic crisis, but along with it there is also a deepening moral crisis of US capitalism. However, the people who are always finding fault with poor people, from teen pregnancy to deadbeat dads, are not speaking out about the immorality of the sub-prime robbery that resulted in mass foreclosures, especially for Black and Latino families.


Is That Specter Really Collapsing?

On the front page of the New York Times (Sept. 28), Steven Erlanger, paraphrasing the words of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, announced that “the specter haunting Europe” is now the “specter of Socialism’s slow collapse.”