A Pack of Lies

The bourgeois German media are using their best endeavors to declare the so-called fall of the Berlin wall the greatest occurrence in history. And the media in many other countries are parroting the nonsense invented in German kitchens.

The intention of the ruling people (class) and of their writing personnel is evident. They want socialism to disappear once and forever from the thinking of the people. They are using all kind of means for this goal, as long as it appears (seems to be) adequate to demonize the idea of socialism and its protagonists. And they try to make clear that there is no alternative to capitalism.

They want us to forget the uncounted crimes of the capitalist system. One of those crimes is November 9, 1938, when in Nazi Germany more than 30.000 jewish Germans have been arrested, when houses, synagogues and shops were destroyed and at least 90 jewish people were killed in only one night. They want us to forget September 1, 1939 – the day when German imperialism began World War II which lead to the result that Germany was defeated, occupied and later diveded into two parts, corresponding to the interests of German bourgeoisie.

They are spreading the fabrication that communists have dived Germany. This is an old lie from the times of west German chancellor Adenauer. He was the spokesman of those capitalist forces in West Germany who could not stand that they had lost the control over the eastern part of the country, where 17 million people had eluded themselves from day by day capitalist exploitation.

So-called Christian-democratic politicians like Helmut Kohl are spreading the walloping lie they had always persued the goal of re-unification of Germany. Adenauer and his successors did never think about re-unification – they wanted the »liberation of the Eastern zone«, if necessary by military means. They attempted several thousand times to economically destroy the GDR, to sabotage the reconstruction of the economy, to headhunt well skilled people from the East to the West. This was the reason why on August 13, 1961 the open borders between GDR and the FRG resp. West Berlin were closed. Those borders were the borderline between two different social systems and betwenn the two big military pacts. When they were closed, it was not because of bad will of the German communists, but it happened on the basis of a decision of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact states, which was clearely accepted by the Western powers. J.F. Kennedy commented: »A wall is a hell of a lot better than a war.«. Later exclamations by Kennedy (»I am a Berliner«) or Ronald Reagan (»Tear down this wall!«) were nothing but propaganda show.

When a certain speaker of GDR gave a non correct information to the media on the evening of November 9, 1989, the plans for a normal (organised) opening of the borders had already been worked out. Thanks to the discipline of the GDR border guards, thanks to the non-existence of the so-called »order to shoot« it became a peaceful night without bloodshed.

The citizens of GDR have gained some bourgeois liberties after that night, but they had to sacrifice others, like the right to work, and many of them lost not only their working places but even a big part of their biographies and their identities.

The todays German chancellor Angela Merkel concluded one of the ongoing debates about GDR. She stated once and for ever, that the GDR was a »state (country) of injustice«. She must know, since she had lived in GDR. She enjoyed a good and free of charge school education, she passed a university study and abtained a doctors degree in physics. This was quite normal in GDR, despite the fact that she was a doughter of a priest – while those people are telling us today that priests and their families ware brutally oppressed in GDR. Mrs. Merkel did not have to fear about her job in the most important research institution of the country, she did not have to fear she could not efford a medical consultation. Since twenty years now, she is dragging this country and its people in the mud, but this is something she has to settle with her Christian conscience.

»The GDR was founded on the basis of injustice«, she said Monday morning in German TV. This is right, because the GDR had deprived the fascist war criminals of their enterprises and made them peoples property. In the course of a land reform, the land of the latifundistas was expropriated and distributed to the peasants. And the young generation was given four basic rights, that were unknown before: the right of active participation in political decisionmaking, the right to work (including the right on a working place), the right of education and the right of recreation and a meaningful leasure time. A free of charge medical assistance for everyone was also injustice, as the ecucation system, which is still applied in Scandinavian countries, but abolished in Germany.

»The GDR was not a result of free elections«, says Merkel. While the people of West Germany have never been consulted when the FRG was founded in September 1949, the foundation of GDR on October 7, 1949 was the result of a »peoples congress movement«. The Peoples Chamber, the Parliament of GDR, had adopted acts (laws) against discrimination of women or homosexuals as well as on the abolishing of death penalty at a moment when the FRG parliament did not even dared to think about those items. It is always interesting, when politicians give us lectures about democracy – those politicians who have their own interpretations obout (the validity of) election results, those who make common cause with falsifiers of elections like Mr. Karzai…

»There was no freedom of expression in the GDR«, says Merkel. It is true that in todays FRG almost everybody can openly express his or her opinion. The problem is that nobody is listening, that no newspaper is publishing it, if it does not suite to the mainstream opinion. And Merkel speaks about religiuos freedom, but she wants that Christian churches may interfere in all spheres of public life, that they may place their crucifixes in class rooms, offices and sickrooms. Merkel wants to tell the people that the existing social order (system) is given by God, that it must not be changed by the people.

Justice is always the expression of the will of the ruling class. In the GDR this was the majority of the people, but their will has no meaning in todays FRG. The biggest injustice of the GDR was that the class of capitalists had no saying for more than 40 years.

The GDR was the only German state that never waged a war. The FRG, the new state of justice, has abolished this kind of injustice