Tribute to August Wilson: Breaking Down Fences

Sometimes an artist dies who has burrowed so deeply into our consciousness, we feel more than a tangible sense of loss; we feel pain...August Wilson gave me – and countless others – this gift of elemental insight. He challenged my conceptions of sports, the Black athletic experience, and how to understand these two aspects so central to our popular culture... Thank goodness we can cherish the body of work he left us.

Singing and weeping with Miriam Makeba:Two marvelous concerts in Havana

'I am 73 and I have been in many countries. I feel as if I am a little tired. My heart wants to go on, but my bones are not letting it...I was fortunate enough that Fidel attended my concert in 1978 and I have always boasted about that. He is a star on my chariot. Who wouldn’t be excited about singing to Fidel?'

LIBERIA: Voters queue for hours to make history in first post-war polls

'Liberia is at a crossroads and it means a great deal to be here to determine the future, not only for myself but for my children,' said 38-year-old Emmanuel Wisseh, who was up in the middle of the night to stake out his place in the queue, hours before the polls opened.

UN Official: 'Israel...Depriving the Palestinians of their Basic Rights...'

'Security imperatives' have been allowed to deprive a vast population of their very basic rights and these measures need deeper scrutiny by all concerned if any respect for norms of international human rights and humanitarian law is to be preserved,' Hina Jilani told reporters in Jerusalem.

New Poll: Growing Popular Demand for Truth about Iraq War

As President Bush's approval rating sinks to around 37 percent, another poll number related to his job performance is up. This number is not good news for the White House, however. A recent survey...revealed this week that at least half of Americans agree that Bush should be impeached if he is found to have not told the truth about the reasons to go to war with Iraq.

Haiti – And You Call This an Election?

Looking at the manner in which Haiti is now being run, you will have to come up with the judgment that interim Prime Minister Latortue is the perfect candidate to head FEMA – he has established beyond question that he is the quintessential total incompetent, and that he has neither the heart to relate to a populace, nor the administrative capacity to run a country.

Labor Movement: Union Advantage For Benefits Grows Wider

For years, employers have been canceling benefit coverage and shifting more of the remaining costs to workers. Unions have been able to fight off this employer attack on benefits, but nonunion workers have been left with inadequate health care protections and no retirement security... The value of the benefits that union workers receive is double the value for nonunion workers.

Britain: Taking on Blair – Our Rights in Danger

Mr Robertson hallucinates over reports that Venezuela is contemplating investigation of the possible benefits of civil nuclear energy and raves over the imminent threat of President Hugo Chavez intimidating a defenceless US with nuclear weapons.


Venezuela's Emerging Trade Union Movement

The trade union movement in Venezuela has undergone important transformations in the last four years. Its new vision is one of enabling workers through their trade union movement to win gains for themselves, rather than have them solely mandated from Caracas.

The Lagos Legacy and Chile's Upcoming Election

The stage is set for a battle between an influential businessman, a weathered political veteran and a dynamic, popular woman seeking to become the first female president in Chile’s history...Further complicating matters for the incoming president will be the numerous challenges that he or she will have to confront, from high crime rates, serious societal inequalities as well as trying to prevent a possible economic downturn.

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