If That’s Socialized Medicine, I'm For It

A bipartisan group of more than 1,000 state lawmakers have signed a letter to Congress calling for real health reform that includes a public option, according to a recent press conference call organized by the Progressive States Network (PSN).


The Pragmatic ‘Real Power’ of the US

No one can put their finger for sure on who holds the real power in the U.S. – the kind of power elected by none but key to the development of events. The US is a country which has led the world since the downfall of the old western colonial monarchies. Its rulers have been in charge of playing that role.


Celebrating Modern Cervantes at the G-20

I am more and more persuaded a holiday should be declared on the US Left honoring Quixote – since he has many admirers there, some of whom came to Pittsburgh during the G-20 meeting to 'joust' 'global capitalism.'


My Little Town (Nothin’ but the Dead and Dyin’)

Simon and Garfunkel sang a song I can’t seem to get out of my head lately. It’s titled “My Little Town.” The song paints a picture of lower middle class frustration climaxing to a chorus of “nothin’ but the dead and dyin’ back in my little town.”


The Importance of Being Ardi: An Emerging Picture of Human Origins

The announcement by a team of US, Ethiopian and international scientists of the results of their study of the fossil remains of the hominid Ardipithecus ramidus, a likely human ancestor from the Middle Awash region in Northern Ethiopia, fills in some important gaps in the scientific record of human evolution.

In the Heat of the Healthcare Debate

One day it dawned on me while watching that epic drama 'In the Heat of the Night' with Sidney Poitier. A feeling of sorrow many of us Negroes feel whenever we sense our Caucasian brethren feeling uneasy. A lot of White Americans are losing the good-old-days. Since I don't hear Joe Wilson calling me a liar I'll continue.


Advocates Fight Mountaintop Removal

Environmental groups across the southeast United States, from Georgia to the Appalachia region, are stepping up their opposition to a controversial but widespread practice by coal companies of removing the tops of mountains with explosives.


Green Way to Keep Squirrels Away

Keeping unwanted critters away can be tricky business, and options are somewhat limited. For starters, make sure exterior garbage, recycling and compost containers are shut tight, and pick up and remove any fallen fruit that your apple, pear or plum trees may have discarded.


Why Should the United States End its War against Cuba?

The economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for half a century now is rejected every year by the vast majority of the 192 UN member countries, a fact that should motivate the US government to ask itself: why do these nations run the risk of opposing the most powerful country on Earth?


End the War in Afghanistan Now

We are approaching a time when critical decisions will be made on Afghanistan; whether the U.S. government will expand the war for years, sucking us into a quagmire of unimaginable proportions, or disengage, increasing the possibility of investing in health care reform, modest responses to the danger of climate change, and jobs and justice for workers.

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