No Exit Strategy? End the War

So far the White House has offered no timetable and no 'exit strategy' for Afghanistan. Instead General McChrystal and other military leaders are pressing for the addition of tens of thousands of new American troops and a commitment to remain in Afghanistan for years to come. 

From Space, No One Can Watch You Die

Peace groups internationally are putting the pressure on President Obama this fall, as he ponders the request from Gen. McChrystal for a “surge” troop escalation in Afghanistan. Thankfully, leading Democrats and even former President Clinton are urging caution, though few are taking the wiser step of recommending a pullout.


New China: 60 Years of Development under Socialist Principles

Since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China sixty years ago, on October 1st, 1949, the economy of this nation, under the direction Chinese Communist Party, has become a model of prosperity.


Pics: Hotel Workers Rising

Over a thousand San Francisco hotel workers and their community supporters demonstrated in Union Square, in the heart of the city's tourist district. The luxury hotel chains demand that workers pay for the health care benefits they currently have under their union contract.


Time to Revisit 'Industrial Policy'

All different kinds of data suggest that the economic circumstance of American workers has been declining since the current recession began in 2007. More troublesome is data that suggests that most workers have experienced declining economic security for at least thirty years.


Disappearing Bees Mystery

The topic of disappearing honey bees first cropped up in 2004 and by the spring of 2007 was all over the news. Thousands of commercial beekeepers across the U.S. and beyond were reporting in some cases that as many as two-thirds of their honey bees were flying away from their hives, never to return.


Outrageous Attacks on Brazilian Embassy in Honduras Bring UN Rebuke

Attacks by Honduran military and police on the Brazilian embassy in the capital of Tegucigalpa, including the use of toxic gases and high decibel noise, are causing worldwide condemnation, including a denunciation by the United Nations Security Council.

Atlanta: Judge Rescinds Grady Dialysis Restraining Order

A Fulton County Superior Court judge rescinded a temporary restraining order against the Grady Health System on Friday, September 25, 2009, that had kept the dialysis clinic at Grady Memorial Hospital open.


Bail Out Workers Not CEOs

Compensation over the long run reflects the market value of labor as a commodity. Market value oscillates around the cost of production – of the worker. There are many factors that influence the oscillation.


Benefits and Dangers of North-South Tourism

As a source of foreign currency, international tourism is thirty times bigger than it was 60 years ago, with more than 700 million tourists hopping from one country to another every year.

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