Germany: A Tale of Two Parties

For weeks the German media have been full of gossip and speculation about a political party now rapidly losing relevance and importance, the Free Democratic Party, or FDP, also called the “Liberals.” This illustrates how heavily downhill slides can hit – if not the bottom then at least the headlines!Guido Westerwelle has become known to the world as a colorless foreign minister.

All War Is A Failure of Peacemaking

The Quaker peace testimony holds that there is no certain endpoint where peacemaking becomes impossible, or war inevitable; that the onset of military action always coincides with a path to peace unexplored due to a failure of will, knowledge, or character.

Safe, Clean Water a Human Right

EarthTalk® E - The Environmental Magazine  Dear EarthTalk: Recently the UN voted to declare access to safe and clean water a “human right.” Isn’t that a no-brainer? What are the ramifications of this declaration?       -- P. James, Boston, MA

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