Bangladesh: The Present Political Situation and the Awami League-led Mohajote (Grand Alliance)


12-26-06, 8:32 am

The Communist Party of Bangladesh, in a resolution adopted at the meeting of its Central Committee held on 19th December, has stated that the recapture of state power by BNP-Jamat led 4-party alliance in the January 22nd elections will not only reestablish the unlimited plunder and misrule in the country, but will also enhance the danger of a government led and dominated by Jamat-e-Islami, which they have already declared to be their aim to be achieved by 2012. The meeting also said that it is an urgent task for the common people to get rid of BNP-Jamat led alliance from state power forever.

Common people of the country, are oppressed by the misrule of BNP-Jamat government during last five years, are already prepared to defeat this evil force. Knowing that popular opinion is against them, BNP-Jamat alliance is trying to conduct a farcical election through election engineering, hi-tech irregularities and to regain power by fraudulent means. They also conspiring to conduct an illegal unilateral election and win power without having to fight a battle.

These conspiracy and ill motives has created serious uncertainty and anarchy in politics and already endangered the constitutional process of the country and has created a danger of an unconstitutional power take-over through many proposed formulas. A meaningful, free and fair election is the only way to prevent this danger from materializing, and a meaningful election can only be possible if the heinous conspiracy of BNP-Jamat alliance can be dismantled. In order to conduct a free and fair election by resisting the blue print of BNP-Jamat, the correct path is to unleash peoples power through popular upsurge. CPB calls upon the nation to strengthen the people's upsurge.

CPB’s resolution also said that people don’t want to see the BNP-Jamat alliance in power anymore. Only the mighty of peoples upsurge can ensure that. Forces of the defeated military autocracy and communal fundamentalism have started to inflitrate the ongoing democratic movement, sensing the possibility of the victory of this mass movement. Awami League (AL), the main force of this current democratic movement has included this evil force in the name of so called 'Mohajote (Grand Alliance).' Everybody knows that 'the eradication of darkness is not possible by darkness itself.'

In spite of this, AL has formed this Mohajote with forces of darkness. However big a Mohajote be formed with the help of such dark forces, it may help to gain state power but it will not bring about an end of the basis of 'misrule.' At best it will bring about a replacement of a softer version of earlier misrule. Communalism, plunder, autocracy and imperialism are the fundamental elements and basis of misrule. By including these evil elements it may be possible to form a big alliance, but it will be impossible to destroy the roots of misrule.

It will also be impossible to establish democracy and good governance by this 'Mohajote,' and it will only rehabilitate the evil forces whose hands are still colored by the blood of the martyrs of anti-autocratic upsurge of 1990 and the Liberation war of 1971. It is a serious insult and degradation to the memory of our great martyrs and will be tantamount to carrying a time bomb of possible conspiracy in one’s lap. CPB whole heatedly rejects this wrong path and calls upon all progressive and democratic forces to remain alert about this dangerous trap.

The resolution said that CPB will strengthen it’s struggle to try to change the correlating forces and orientation of country’s politics, by building up a Left Democratic Alternative with the aim to resolve the deep rooted political crisis, and also to defeat BNP-Jamat alliance, communal fundamentalists, military-autocratic forces and identified criminals and plunderers through mass movement and election. The Party has called upon all left, progressives and patriotic forces to unite to achieve this goal. CPB reiterates its demand to update the voter list, reconstitution of Election Commission and Administration, refix the election schedule and implement the ‘package proposal’.

The resolution also reasserted Party’s 53-point demand charter of comprehensive electoral reform for free and fair elections. Rejecting the farcical election schedule, the CPB refused to submit its nomination papers on 21st December under the schedule of BNP-Jamat’s blueprint. It will submit the nomination papers after achieving the demands of a meaningful election.