Current Political Situation in Bangladesh

Resolution of Central Committee Meeting of CPB on Current Political Situation

The following resolution was adopted at the meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bangladesh held on 3rd March.

The Dr. Fakhruddin led Care Taker Government (CTG) has been sworn in to state power. Some positive reaction has been created after the government’s nullification of the farcical ‘Blue Print Election’ scheduled to be held on 22nd January and the declaration to bring about electoral reforms, which has been a popular demand since many years.

The failure and bankruptcy of bourgeois politics, lack of morality and ideology, opportunism, pro imperialist policies, corruption and violence has been pushing the country towards uncertainty and destruction. In the background of this critical situation the steps taken by new CTG has created some optimism in public mind.

The CPB is carrying on a consistent struggle against the criminalization and commercialization of politics, and to build up an honest, sincere, patriotic, democratic, progressive and development oriented trend in country’s politics since a long time. The CPB considers that it is an urgent political task to build up a Left- Democratic alternative in country’s politics to replace the de-facto bipartisan bourgeois politics in order to combat the prevailing criminal and corrupt politics, which is the root cause of present crisis.

A ‘State of Emergency’ has been declared all over the country. The government has taken some initiatives against plundering, corruption and illegal occupier and marketing of toxic foods. Generally these steps received popular public support. To resist the plunderer god fathers and mafias who have become much stronger due to the continuous criminalization of politics and society, the real antidote is the invincible strength of the people’s power. But people’s power cannot be unleashed if the present government continues to restrict and curtail fundamental rights, freedom of press and expression, trade union rights and just struggle of the peoples in the name of emergency. Rather the anti-people exploiters and reactionary forces will take advantages of the restrictions on the rights of the people.

The experience of the days of Pakistan and Bangladesh shows that despite some actions occasionally taken time to time against war criminals, plunderers, corrupt and terrorists they could not be vanquished fully, and on the other hand they have rejuvenated themselves by taking the advantages of public anger that generates in the common people out of the failures and misrule of the government in power. Historic experience teaches us that the crisis of democracy cannot be resolved by the miraculous power or ‘de-politicization’. We also have the experience of the military autocratic regime of Gen. Ershad. We must remember hat any crisis of democracy can only be resolved through the democracy itself.

The previous government had conspired to handover the country’s gas, coal, seaport, electricity, water supply system and valuable natural resources to foreign multinationals. US imperialisms and its collaborator’s are still casting a greedy look over the Bangladesh. Our beloved motherland has already been enchained by some unequal and illegal treaties with that plundering force of imperialism. Taking advantage of the pro-imperialist and subservient policy of the governments imperialism is continuously interfering in country’s politics and internal affairs with the intention of using the geopolitical position of Bangladesh to establish their permanent presence in this region. The people of Bangladesh must build up a strong and united movement against this imperialist conspiracy in the same way as they had developed the recent movement against the farcical ‘Blueprint Election’.

Making use of the excuse of uprooting illegal occupiers, the government is evicting slum-dwellers, street-hawkers and rickshaw-pullers and even the small shops of rural areas. Violating the High Court judgment ordering the ensuring of rehabilitation prior to he eviction of slum-dwellers, the government has practically made millions of poor working people homeless and jobless. The quesstion also remains as to what benefits will the land freed from illegal occupation ultimately bring for the people, because previously we have experienced how the recovered forest, plain land, hills and khas land were son reoccupied by the land grabbers.

The price hike of essentials is still not under control, rather it is increasing everyday. So the daily life of poor and low incoming people is becoming more distressful.

From practical experience,slightly departing from so called free market economy, the present government has taken some measures for distribution of fertilizers under the supervission of army and government forces, which has proven itself effective and timely. Due to these steps peasants in many areas of the country have been able to buy fertilizer at normal price. But the supply of fertilizers is much below the requirements of peasant’s demand. Despite the state of emergency the deepening electricity crisis has made peasants helpless and compelled them to come out in the street.

The government has already declared its commitment to conduct a free, fair, neutral and meaningful election, which will be truly free from money and muscle power. CPB considers that any unnecessary delay in holding general election will be suicidal. There is no alternative to an elected government. The task to caarying on the struggle against corruption and violence is not a matter of only certain months or years. It is a matter of continuous struggle. Moreover, it is also necessary to stop the reproduction of the crisis emanating from corruption and plundering, for which it is necessary to uproot the prevailing plundering capitalist system, which is the socio-economic basis of the crisis. This goal can only be achieved through a democratically elected government, organized and active peoples movement and through a revolutionary democratic transformation of the society.

Previous governments have never accepted the popular demand for election reform. They had repeatedly ignored CPB’s 53 point charter of demand for comprehensive election reform. The CPB hopes that present government will take initiatives to implement the 53 point charter of demand of CPB.

In recent times the CPB is being widely appreciated by the people for its honest, sincere and pro-people role in country’s politics. This good will should be further extended by increasing the strength of Party organization and its mass basis. All Party members should br alert and active to fulfil this responsibility. At the same time effort should also be taken to build up a Left-Democratic alternative and for this to give more effort in advancing the united effort of the Left parties work among the working class and toiling people. Bipolar politics, communal fundamentalist forces,de-politicization or political formulas evolved out of the dictate, blu print or collaboration of imperialism will not be able to resolve the crisis of the country. Rather they will increase the crisis.

In this period of transition the ordinary people wants that the left-democratic, patriotic, honest and secular politics will replace criminal politics. They are also waiting for the implementation of the spirit of great Liberation War of 1971.

The CPB has calls upon all its comrades, supporters and sympathizers, democratic-progressive, pro-developement forces and all countryman to come forward to take up this mighty challenge of the day. The CPB also calls upon the toiling people and progressive inteligentia of the country to join the ranks of the CPB to advance the journey of our nation towards ‘progress and liberty’.

Date: 3rd march 2007, Dhaka