Four years on, and determined to stay

The people of the US, Britain, Australia and some other countries were rushed into the invasion and occupation of Iraq on a litany of lies — lies about weapons of mass destruction, that Iraq was preparing nuclear weapons, that it had relations with al Qaida, lies that it had an arsenal of chemical weapons.

Japan: Immediately withdraw SDF from Iraq!

Since it is evident that military force cannot solve the Iraqi issue, the government must give up on extending the special measures law and immediately withdraw the SDF from Iraq.

Demand Support for Iraq Accountability Act

In its most recent editorial, The Nation calls for opposing the Democratic defense spending supplemental, also known as the Iraq Accountability Act, which would provide $124 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan tied to a timetable for withdrawal.

Canada: Cancel the Afghan 'Mission' - Get the troops out now

Thousands of angry demonstrators took to the streets of Afghanistan earlier this month, shouting 'death to America' and 'death to Karzai' after US forces killed and wounded dozens of civilians in Nangarhar province.

Japan: Government Uses Un-democratic Method to Eliminate Peace Provision

The ruling Liberal Democratic and Komei parties on March 7 decided to forcibly hold a House of Representatives Constitutional Research Committee meeting under the authority of the committee chair, showing their strong zeal for a bill to establish procedures for constitutional revisions.

Clinton Takes Step Back on War Plan

According to today’s New York Times Hillary Clinton has decided to keep American troops in Iraq should she become the next president She is quoted in an article by Michael Gordon and Patrick Healy.

No Medals for Agustin Aguayo

Doing the right thing can be costly, but in the end one can at least sleep at night. Ask Spc. Agustin Aguayo, 35, a U.S. citizen born in Guadalajara, Mexico, who was just sentenced by a US military court in Wurzburg, Germany.

The Abolition of Military Bases: Ending Imperialist Intervention

The fact that the United States has military bases all over the world is not news; neither is its news that it uses them to back its imperialist geopolitical strategies.

Bush Softens His Tone on Iran

Constrained by hostile public opinion toward his escalation in Iraq, the president is less vicious toward Teheran.

Japan: Abe Government Prepares for Military Action in Violation of Constitution

A government panel on the strengthening of national security functions of the Prime Minister's Official Residence on February 27 submitted its final report to Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, calling for an establishment of a 'National Security Council.'

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