Steering Iran away from Russia

Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the terror events of 11 September 2001, the world has, as a result of US opportunism, witnessed the creation or intensification of three major trends in international politics.

Encircling China: Australia and Japan’s pact of aggression

The alliance between Japan and Australia is part of a much wider plan between the conservative governments of the Washington-Tokyo-Canberra axis, to surround the People’s Republic of China and to eventually provoke a war against that country unless it falls into line with their political and economic demands.

West Bengal: Massive Kisan Rally Calls For Industrial Growth

A KISAN rally organised by the Bengal unit of the AIKS filled out the expanse of the Brigade Parade grounds, and beyond, and raised a strong slogan in favour of industrial growth.

Japan: Immediately withdraw SDF from Iraq!

Since it is evident that military force cannot solve the Iraqi issue, the government must give up on extending the special measures law and immediately withdraw the SDF from Iraq.

Welcome to the Palestinian Unity Government

The establishment of a united Palestinian government is an important step forward in the battle for Palestinian rights and for a just peace coming as it does when Israel is on the defensive and US policies in the region are in deep trouble.

Remembering Rufina Amaya, Survivor of U.S. Inspired Slaughter in El Salvador

On March 9, The New York Times ran an obituary on Rufina Amaya who died at 64 in El Salvador, of a stroke, the previous Tuesday. We should all remember the ordeal experienced by Amaya at the hands of troops specifically trained by U.S. Special Forces.

US Embarrassment in Africa

The US plan to set up its African Command has been unpleasant and out of sorts from the very beginning. An editorial carried by the Gabonese newspaper 'Reporter' has appealed to African countries to say 'no' to the US African Command.

Japan: Government Uses Un-democratic Method to Eliminate Peace Provision

The ruling Liberal Democratic and Komei parties on March 7 decided to forcibly hold a House of Representatives Constitutional Research Committee meeting under the authority of the committee chair, showing their strong zeal for a bill to establish procedures for constitutional revisions.

Clinton Takes Step Back on War Plan

According to today’s New York Times Hillary Clinton has decided to keep American troops in Iraq should she become the next president She is quoted in an article by Michael Gordon and Patrick Healy.

Global Warming And Bangladesh

This is indeed a great long-term ambitious plan of Europe to reduce emissions by 20% by 2020 although it remains to be seen how effective an example Europe will set.

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