Georgia Legislature Launches Working Families Caucus

The Georgia Working Families Caucus (WFC) is the Georgia General Assembly’s newest legislative caucus, having officially formed this session “in order to develop and promote legislation and policies that invest in workers, families, and communities,” Atlanta Progressive News has learned.

Autoworkers confront globalization

Autoworkers face one of their biggest challenges ever: how to fight in an era of globalization when companies threaten to move ever more production abroad to get the lowest wages and benefits possible.

Women key to advances in Congress

In the first 11 weeks of the 110th Congress, several pieces of progressive legislation, including the Employee Free Choice Act and an increase in the minimum wage, have passed in the House.

Setting a New Agenda: Politics 2007

Candidates will be judged on the issues and on the ability to continue to expand and deepen the broad people’s coalition, which is the only way we can wrest control away from the right wing.

New Center Report: Foreign Guestworkers Routinely Exploited by U.S. Employers

Guestworkers who come to the United States are routinely cheated out of wages; forced to mortgage their futures to obtain low-wage, temporary jobs; held virtually captive by employers who seize their documents; forced to live in squalid conditions; and denied medical benefits for injuries, according to a new report released by the Southern Poverty Law Center today.

Bowie Kuhn: The Death of a Baseball Reactionary

Bowie Kuhn, baseball's fifth commissioner, passed away last night at the age of 80. I never met the man. In private, he may have made Gandhi look like Ted Nugent.

Immigrant rights struggle continues, in and out of Congress

The massive immigrant rights protests last year stopped Senate passage of the repressive HR 4437. But because the Republicans controlled Congress, it was not possible to pass legislation for legalization of the 12 million undocumented.

Minimum Wage Reform Will Give Millions of Black Workers a Pay Raise

A recent study conducted by the Joint Center for Political Economics Studies contends that African Americans will be the leading beneficiaries of the new federal minimum wage increase, which will raise the federal minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $7.25 in three increments by 2009.

Unionizing Wal-Mart: The Chinese Experience

At the high-rise Beijing headquarters of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) I asked Ms Guo Chen from their Grass-Roots Organisation and Capacity Building Department to go through the steps which resulted in unionising Wal-Mart stores in China.?

Union Calls for War's End; Democrats Push for Withdrawal

In a statement released this past week, the AFL-CIO, the country's largest trade union federation, called for ending US military involvement in Iraq.

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