A Veto Is a Vote for Eternal War

For George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, 2008 is too soon to end a war that they intend to last forever. 2008 is too soon to stop constructing enormous military bases in Iraq and abandon them.

Georgia Legislature Launches Working Families Caucus

The Georgia Working Families Caucus (WFC) is the Georgia General Assembly’s newest legislative caucus, having officially formed this session “in order to develop and promote legislation and policies that invest in workers, families, and communities,” Atlanta Progressive News has learned.

Veto This

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is right to point Unitary Executive George W. Bush toward a copy of the Constitution. The President (should Bush care to resume that legal role) is permitted to veto bills but not to write them.

Prison Proletariat: Exploiting Inmate Labor

American history as taught in the US frequently emphasizes that one of the by products of the Civil War between the states during the mid-19th century was the elimination of slavery. And students learn about the 13th amendment to the Constitution of the United States that made slavery illegal.

A closer look at the amendment, however, shows the prohibition against slavery to be far from absolute...

Women key to advances in Congress

In the first 11 weeks of the 110th Congress, several pieces of progressive legislation, including the Employee Free Choice Act and an increase in the minimum wage, have passed in the House.

Senate Takes Up Debate on Iraq Withdrawal Timetable Bill

The House of Representatives took a huge step toward ending the war in Iraq last Friday by passing the Iraq Accountability Act, a bill that ties troop withdrawal to a White House funding request.

Setting a New Agenda: Politics 2007

Candidates will be judged on the issues and on the ability to continue to expand and deepen the broad people’s coalition, which is the only way we can wrest control away from the right wing.

West Bengal: Massive Kisan Rally Calls For Industrial Growth

A KISAN rally organised by the Bengal unit of the AIKS filled out the expanse of the Brigade Parade grounds, and beyond, and raised a strong slogan in favour of industrial growth.

Welcome to the Palestinian Unity Government

The establishment of a united Palestinian government is an important step forward in the battle for Palestinian rights and for a just peace coming as it does when Israel is on the defensive and US policies in the region are in deep trouble.

Kucinich Leads Presidential Hopefuls on Health Care for All

Major 2008 Democratic candidates for President of the United States–including Clinton, Edwards, Kucinich, and Obama–have already begun addressing health care in their campaigns.

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