Cindy Sheehan: Audit Me!



Dear Friends,

The above link is a petition to have the IRS audit me.

I have publicly said for months that I am not paying my 2004 income taxes.

Since my husband and I spilt and he filed separately, and I didn't make one penny in 2004, I don't think I owe any, anyway.

I welcome the chance to go to trial, or be audited for not paying my taxes.

Then I can tell the world why: George Bush and his lying bunch of criminal neocons deceived the world into an illegal and immoral invasion of a country that was no threat to the USA. My oldest, dearest son is dead because of their lies. Give me back Casey and I'll pay your damn taxes.

I also think it is immoral to pay taxes to feed the War Department and to fund more killing.

If these people think they are hurting me by their petition, I smile. I am thinking of signing it myself.

Love and peace soon, Cindy