You Might be a Marxist If ... You Believe God Hates Capitalism

Does capitalism agree with the Golden Rule, this basic ethical principle of reciprocity taught by so many of the world’s religions?


Slavery, Capitalism, and Emancipation

In an amazing show of ignorance, Republican Congresswoman and Tea Party Express' spokesperson Michele Bachmann stated that the founding fathers of the United States abolished slavery in her response to President Obama's State of the Union address.


Capitalism and Late Imperial Struggles

Recently dramatic peoples uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East have revealed the foreign policy contradictions of the advanced democratic capitalist countries that support and trade with these nations oppressive regimes.


Book Review: War for Wealth

Capitalists are waging a global war for dominance and the white ones are losing, worries Gabor Steingart, business writer for Der Spiegel and various U.S. based publications.