I Just Learned There Are More Than 10 Commandments


I Just Learned there are more than 10 commandments

I just learned that there are more
than 10 commandments.
Fourteen or Fifteen -- to be exact.

Like Ben Franklin's list of virtues
they were not meant
to be complete, nor wholly fulfilled

And, of course, the truth is
none of them
come from God,

Who petulantly ignored Moses'
deranged visions of the tablets
as just the agony of the homeless.

Busy with colliding stars and galaxies
He determined never again to speak directly
to even the most prayerful supplicants,

after Abraham refused to
complete the sacrifice of Isaac
and stayed his human hand from murder.

"So what," God complained to a later prophet
through the mouth of a goat,
"...If the fool dresses heresy
In scriptural and godly ass-kissing.
He defied me, like Adam.
Everyone wants to be the god!"

Here's one of the extra commandments --
Seek the torrent in a blaze,
like the Rainbow Crow,
burn all the way to frozen earth.
Light the planet up.
Let your feathers blacken,
your song be ruined.

no one will choose to cage you.


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