Close the Trillion Dollar Tax Loophole to Reduce the Deficit

With all of the talk about the debt ceiling and deficit reduction, small business owners may just have a good idea to close the budget gap by $1 trillion over the next decade without cutting essential services or carving out benefits for retirees and the disabled.U.S.-based multinational corporations avoid some $100 billion annually through the creation of offshore tax havens.

New York Coalition Urges Reps. to Resist GOP Budget Cuts

A diverse coalition of more than 60 human service, community, senior, labor, economic policy and peace organizations has sent a joint letter to the NYC congressional delegation urging them to provide a strong and clear national voice to protect the country's social contract in the debate over the debt ceiling and the federal budget.

Unemployment Trumps Debt

The jobs numbers are out.

The Jobs Crisis Will Not Be Cured with the Same Policies that Created It

The Jobs Crisis Will Not Be Cured with the Same Policies that Created the Crisis; Experts and National Leaders Agree, Explore Job-Creating SolutionsJuly 11, 2011

European Financial Crisis: Battle of the Bond Rating Agencies

A shaky agreement patched up between the Greek government and the troika of international organizations, consisting of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Union, may prevent Greece from defaulting on its international debts July 15.

How Fried Chicken Kills Trees

Dear EarthTalk: I understand that fast-food giant YUM! Brands, owner of KFC, is under fire by Greenpeace and others for rainforest destruction.

Obama Admin. Extends Aid to Unemployed Homeowners [Update]

New adjustments to the Federal Housing Administration home loans program will help homeowners who have lost their jobs keep their homes as they search for new work, the Obama administration announced this week.The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will extend the forbearance period for unemployed homeowners to 12 months.

China to Continue Reform, Opening Up – Hu

Original source: XinhuaThe Communist Party of China (CPC) will intensify its efforts to combat corruption, which is crucial in gaining popular support for the Party and ensuring its very survival,  President Hu Jintao said Friday.

Should We Get Rid of the International Monetary Fund?

Original source: L’Humanitétranslated by Scott Hiley Note: Round Table with Demba Moussa Dembélé, economist, Forum for African Alternatives (Senegal); Pedro Paez, president, Commission for a New Regional Financial Architecture (Ecuador); Aurélie Trouvé, co-president of Attac and candidate for IMF director.

How to Find Green Jobs

EarthTalk® E - The Environmental Magazine  Dear EarthTalk: I'm looking for the best places to search for green jobs but am having trouble locating them on traditional job search sites.

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