China Approves Plan for Energy "Golden Zone"

The central government has approved plans for an energy industry “golden zone” linking Shaanxi province and the autonomous regions of Ningxia Hui and Inner Mongolia in northwestern China, said an autonomous region official on Wednesday.

Agribusiness and the Environment

EarthTalk® E - The Environmental Magazine  Dear EarthTalk: I’ve been hearing more and more references to the need to clean up our agricultural practices for reasons pertaining to health, food quality, even global warming.

Recycling Nuclear Waste?

EarthTalk® E - The Environmental Magazine  Dear EarthTalk: Why don’t we reprocess and re-use our nuclear waste like France does? Would it be possible for us to start doing so?     -- Albert Jukowsky, Silver Spring, MD

Georgia PSC Can't Silence Nuclear Power Debate

Original source: The Atlanta Progressive News

How Fried Chicken Kills Trees

Dear EarthTalk: I understand that fast-food giant YUM! Brands, owner of KFC, is under fire by Greenpeace and others for rainforest destruction.

The Meaning of Blair Mountain

The Battle of Blair Mountain, in Logan County, West Virginia was the largest armed insurrection since the Civil War. For five days in late August and early September 1921 15,000 miners confronted an army of police and strikebreakers backed by coal operators during a struggle by the miners for the right to collectively bargain and to end horrendous working conditions and poverty in the southwestern West Virginia coalfields.

Japan: Labor Movement Calls for Shift Away from Nukes

Japan's national labor federation, the National Confederation of Trade Unions, or Zenroren, recently released a draft proposal calling on the Japanese government to abandon nuclear energy and to shift to natural, renewable energy resources.

How to Find Green Jobs

EarthTalk® E - The Environmental Magazine  Dear EarthTalk: I'm looking for the best places to search for green jobs but am having trouble locating them on traditional job search sites.