Kissinger's China Confessions: A Review of "On China"

Kissinger tells a depressing story about how China was enlisted in a “quasi-alliance” or a “de facto alliance” against the socialist camp.


The Trouble with China

A review of recent literature strongly suggests that how our government deals with China and its new status on the world stage remains uncertain and of great interest to American workers.


The Cyprus Problem: A Commemoration of the July 15th Turkish Invasion

Turkish forces came to occupy over 1/3 of the territory of Cyprus. Some 40,000 Turkish troops remain in the occupied areas, and Cypriot and Turkish forces face each other across a cease-fire line administered by the UN.


Revolutionizing Egypt by the Day: An Eyewitness Report

In eighteen days Egyptians dispatched from the stage of history one of the most longstanding regimes in the world, one backed to the hilt by the U.S. until its death throes.


Russell, Mao and the Fate of China

What happens in China, the philosopher Bertrand Russell believed, will determine the whole future course of world history.