Consequences of Republican Power

No sooner had Republican governors finished their oath of office than they were demanding deep concessions from public sector workers in their respective states.

NAACP, GCPA Sue Georgia for Neglecting Low-Income Voter Registration

Original source: The Atlanta Progressive News

Podcast: Real Life Struggles Against Republican Bamboozles

On this episode, Latinos are an increasingly influential segment of the voting population.

Immigration Top Concern for Latino Voters

While President Obama enjoys strong support from Latino voters, the margin of support that could mean the difference between winning and losing in 2012 may depend on how Latino voters perceive his efforts on immigration reform and on deportations of undocumented immigrants, a recent poll found.Latino voters care very much about the immigration issue and now cite it as their top priority in considering how they will vote in 2012, the survey, released this week, revealed.

Civil Rights Coalitions Take on Republican Vote Suppression

As Republican-controlled state governments in Wisconsin, Florida, and Georgia push to limit voting rights for low-income voters and people of color, civil rights groups are fighting back.

Podcast: Labor’s Independence and the Stakes in the 2012 Elections

Today we discuss responses to a recent speech delivered by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the political independence of the labor movement.