Chicago Trial: Spotlight on Pakistan

Original source: Peoples' DemocracyThe trial of Chicago businessman Tahawwur Rana, accused of helping David Coleman Headley in the planning of the Mumbai terror attacks of November 2008, has once again focussed attention on Pakistan and the terror networks that are still active within its borders.

U.S. Smears China’s Aid to Africa

Original sourc:  Shanghai Daily

Theme of Obama's Afghanistan Speech: End This War

In an address to the nation, President Obama announced a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Cuban Society: Racial Equality for All

When international institutions like the United Nations affirms that Cuba is among the most advanced nations in the world in the fight against racism, it is recognition to our society that follows the thinking of Jose Marti when he said that “man” includes all races of a nation.

Spain’s "Indignant Ones"

While “Europe's slow-motion financial collapse” – as Mother Jones magazine described it in a June 6th article – continues to unravel, Spain, like other European states continues to implement anti-social-neo-liberal policies with strong opposition from the citizenry.

Iraq: The Situation and How to Pull the Country Out of Crisis

Editor's note: The following represents the views of the Iraqi Communist Party following its recent national committee meeting.It noted that our country is going through an extremely complex and difficult period, with many overlapping internal and external factors.

Russell, Mao and the Fate of China (Part Two)

Bertrand Russell discusses the internal state of China, as he understood it in 1920-21, in his chapter "Modern China" in The Problem of China.

Bahrain's Tribunal-Issued Death Sentences Cause Outcry

Original source: The Atlanta Progressive NewsATLANTA, Georgia, U.S., Jun 11, 2011 (IPS) - Democracy advocates in the United States are troubled by the pending execution of two men who took part in anti-government protests in Bahrain.As some governments around the world are enacting, and even expanding upon, U.S.-inspired anti-terrorism policies - particularly in the wake of pro-democracy movements that have swept Egypt and Tunisia - Bahrain is taking things to a new extreme.

India: The Meaning of Financial Liberalization

Original source: People's Democracy