Cuban Society: Racial Equality for All

When international institutions like the United Nations affirms that Cuba is among the most advanced nations in the world in the fight against racism, it is recognition to our society that follows the thinking of Jose Marti when he said that “man” includes all races of a nation.

This does not mean that we are perfect.  The Cuban revolutionary laws installed the concept of total equality among all its citizens, beyond the color of their skins, religious beliefs and origins.  None of these percepts can become a reality if it is not incorporated into the minds and the notion of the people regarding their environment.

Cuba shows tremendous advances in the elimination of racism, but we cannot say that everything has been achieved.

Not only should legal work continue, but also the formation of the Cuban people’s convictions regarding the abolition of racism that has its origins in the societies nourished by exploitation and humiliation of one against others.

The truth is that the positive comments of the UN representative in Havana during the International Seminar: Cuba and the Peoples of African Descendants in America on the reality of the country in the fight against racial discrimination held in the Cuban capital shows how the island attempts to fully guarantee the key human rights of its citizens.

It is not only to proclaim equality, but make it happen effectively through the rights to jobs, education, social security, health and culture currently in the hands of the population without preferences and only with the condition that each with their efforts, work and construct their own future.

Several of the high ranking international officials told the press: “Cuba solved the main problems of discrimination and achieved incorporating African descendants into society.”

Other voices, meanwhile, point out the importance of the existence of a state policy on the island favoring all sectors of society, while the UN Population Fund stressed that “the country’s achievements is an example for the world and currently heads the list of Latin American nations in equality of opportunities for all its citizens.”

In comparison to Cuba, he added that in developed nations, discrimination and exclusion condemns millions of people of African descendants and other races that are included in the high unemployment figures, lack of education and marginalization and are victims of repression while living in a country that boasts in being the global champion in equality, justice and human rights.

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