June 2010

2010 Elections: It Takes a Fight to Win

One key arena of struggle is the Congressional elections this fall.

Assessing the Obama Administration

President Obama is variously described as a Wall Street politician, a centrist, a Clintonian, a liberal, a progressive, and a "small d" democrat.

Fighting for Jobs Against Republican Obstructionism

Editor's note: Below is an excerpted and slightly edited portion of Sam Webb's main political report to the Communist Party's national convention held last month.

Mass Movement Building in the Obama Era

Editor's note: The following is excerpted from the main political report delivered to the Communist Party USA's 29th national convention, held in New York city on May 22. Sam Webb chairs the CPUSA. The full report, titled "A way out of the deepening crisis," can be found at CPUSA.org What a difference between now and five years ago when we convened in Chicago! At that time, a Puerto Rican woman raised in the South Bronx didn't sit on the Supreme Court.

Atlanta: MARTA Faces Cuts Despite Passage of Historic Transportation Bill

Original source: The Atlanta Progressive News

Action on Jobs Needed Now, AFL-CIO Pres. Trumka

Remarks by AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka, Campaign for America's Future June 08, 2010

Working-class Intellectuals

Editor's note: We have to take every opportunity to oppose what may be called the Sarah Palinization of working-class politics, that is the reduction of politics to sound bites, appeals to wedge issues and hate, and promotion of the idea that working people can't think for themselves.

A Singer Sings, a President Resigns, an Attack Sends Signals

Over the weekend much of Germany went temporarily berserk when one of its own, little black-haired high school senior Lena, performing in Oslo, won the Grand Prix in the huge annual Eurovision song contest.